Redefining What Success Means to Us with Aaron Walker

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  1. Brunt: Eli Manning’s retirement and Larry Walker elected to the Hall of Fame

    Stephen Brunt shares his thoughts on Eli Manning’s retirement and career. He gives his take on Larry Walker being elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame and the impact he had on Canadian baseball.

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  2. Friedman: The Pacific Division, potential trades and Larry Walker

    Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman joined Satiar Shah and Andrew Walker to talk about Larry Walker making it to the 2020 Baseball Hall of Fame. They also talk about the teams in the Pacific Division as we go into the second half of the season and talk about some potential trades approaching the deadline.

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  3. Brunt: Gronkowski, Baseball Hall of Fame and the Astros’ cheating scandal

    Stephen Brunt joins Boomer and Nault to share his thoughts on Rob Gronkowski. He gives his take on Larry Walker’s Hall of Fame bid and who could get in this year. Brunt touches on the latest developments in the Astros’ cheating scandal.

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  4. Full-Time Podcasting with Aaron Mahnke, Host of Lore

    Aaron Mahnke went full time with his podcast after just 5 months of production with his award winning show, Lore. Now 2 years in he’s on the verge of releasing a TV series based on the project.

    While we may not all have TV shows in our future, we can learn from the simple ideas that Aaron used to chart his path. Stay tuned next week as we discuss the new inductees to the Podcast Hall of Fame!

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    Aaron explains his displeasure with the title of the Mixergy podcast he participated in and why he hates discussing money. ——- LINKS MENTIONED ➤ Watch our new educational video called "10 Best Men’s Hairstyles That Women Love" at ——- Want to give Tiege Hanley a try? Learn more and claim your offer at ——- VIDEO SUMMARY 00:44 The Mixergy Interview with Andrew Warner Aaron recounts the way he felt when he saw the live and published Mixergy podcast, which featured a title he wasn’t crazy about. He emailed them asking them to change it, and they did, fortunately, but that doesn’t change the way he feels when it comes to talking about money. When you focus on money, it robs whatever you’re doing of its soul.

    02:33 It’s About Fulfillment, Not Money and Stuff Aaron says he never wanted “stuff.” What he always wanted was to feel fulfilled and successful. When he had just $5,000 in his bank account, that was the moment when he got over the money. For his entire life, up until that day, he was thinking about how he was going to make money.

    06:18 $100K is When I Felt the Happiest Aaron explains why the year he made $100,00 was the year he felt the happiest. He had three times the amount of money he ever had, his expenses were st…

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    This week, Aaron and Rick have a quick chat about juggling our many projects and side businesses. If you’re someone who wonders how you’ll manage it all, this episode is for you.

    Inspired by Aaron’s post here: A Man Divided.

    Aaron on Twitter Aaron on Frictionless Freelancing Wet Frog Studios

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