Matt Mullenweg on Polyphasic Sleep, Tequila, and Building Billion-Dollar Companies

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  1. E143 - WordPress vs Wix & the Fight Against Fake News (Matt Mullenweg, Automattic)

    In today’s episode, Joe talks to Matt Mullenweg, one of the founding developers of WordPress and the Founder and CEO of Automattic - a distribution company committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion with the goal to democratize publishing and commerce.

    Matt talks about the systematic approach of Automattic, WordPress, and the rest of the Automattic web brands, as well as scaling and hiring skilled engineers, and the upside and downside of content distribution on different social platforms.

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  2. Webmonkey Episode 3: Matt Mullenweg, and eCommerce on by whyisjake | Free Listening on SoundCloud

    Webmonkey Episode 3: Matt Mullenweg, and eCommerce on

    by whyisjake

    published on 2015/05/29 20:23:50 +0000

    In the third episode of the Webmonkey podcast I interview Matt Mullenweg on the recent announcement that Automattic has purchased WooCommerce, and the potential to add eCommerce abilities to blogs on I also chat with Ben Chirlin about Cyphon, his project to bring 20+ years of archives into WordPress with a custom node.js app that he is working on, along with a look at regular expressions, and there place in computer science.

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  3. The Vergecast: Exclusive: Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg on what’s next for Tumblr

    Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg joins The Vergecast to talk about the future of Tumblr, his plans for the site, and why the porn ban will stay in place

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  4. Podcast E048 – Interview with Matt Mullenweg | Kitchen Sink WordPress

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    This week I talk with Matt Mullenweg of Automattic

    Upcoming Events

    No WordCamps next week – bummer.. but stay tuned for February as there are bunch.

    Segment 1: In the News

    WordPress 4.2 will be headed up by Drew Jaynes

    The timeline can be found at make.wordpress.core.

    Target release date is April 8th.

    Segment 2:  Interview with Matt Mullenweg

    I talk to Matt about his story starting WordPress, vision & impact WordPress has had on the world, and possible location of WordCamp US.

    Matt’s Tools


    Pomordo 1


    Follow Matt:

    Web: &

    Twiter: @photomatt

    Segment 3: Tool of the Week

    Plugin — LocatorAID

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  5. Exclusive: Matt Mullenweg and Automattic bought Tumblr. What’s next?

    Blogging is back, maybe! Automattic just bought Tumblr from Verizon for reportedly 3 million dollars. CEO of Automattic Matt Mullenweg sits down with The Verge’s Julia Alexander and Nilay Patel for this emergency episode of the Vergecast to share what his plans are for the micro-blogging platform.

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  6. 031: With Matt Mullenweg - ShopTalk

    031: With Matt Mullenweg

    August 29th, 2012



    Download MP3


    Matt is the co-founder of WordPress (.org, .com) and and essentially the head dude there and at Akismet, VaultPress, Gravatar, bbPress… you know, a few things (see: Automattic). We talk about (roughly in order):

    Q & A

    Will you get more traffic just being on WordPress vs being on Blogger?

    What do you need to consider before you start storing sensitive information on the web like Social Security Numbers? (For starters, PCI compliance)

    Can you recommend a blank starter theme for WordPress? (_s)

    A young developer asks: what should I learn next? (ya’ll know the chorus)

    Wouldn’t it be easier just to build a responsive admin rather than a separate native app for WordPress?

    What kind of apps would Matt like to see be built on WordPress?

    How do you deal with WordPress security? (book)

    re: Culture of Distraction – How does Matt stay focused?


    Harvest – Time tracking for professionals. Coupon code SHOPTALK is good for 50% off first month or 10% of a yearly plan.

    Environments for Humans – Conferences for web people. Coupon code SHOPTALK is good for $100 off InControl.

    More Matt


    031: with Matt Mullenweg [ 54:43 ] Download

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  7. #197: The Future of WordPress and Calypso with Matt Mullenweg - The Changelog

    This week we’re joined by Matt Mullenweg, the creator of WordPress and the CEO of Automattic. We discussed the past, present, and future of WordPress. We talked about the role of JavaScript for WordPress, their new REST API, Calypso, and more.

    Download: MP3 Audio

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    Show notes and links

    Dance to Calypso

    Introducing the New


    The Story Behind the New

    State of the Word 2015


    The Year Without Pants by Scott Berkun

    Beautiful Code

    The Pragmatic Programmer

    Steve Krug – Advanced Common Sense

    Dave Winer – Scripting News

    Joel Spolsky on Software

    Scott Berkun

    George Orwell – Politics and the English Language (1946)

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