Episode #100: Failbetter Game and Fallen London

Episode #100: Failbetter Game and Fallen London


Alexis Kennedy and Liam Welton from Failbetter games join Dirk to talk about their dark games set in the world of Fallen London. With a background that goes from free-to-play web games to more traditional PC games, Failbetter has learned many lessons on design and business on their way to their latest game, Sunless Sea.


Contact Information

Dirk Knemeyer - @DKnemeyer, www.CQGames.com, Dirk@Knemeyer.com

Liam Welton – @LiamWelton, liam@failbettergames.com

Alexis Kennedy – @alexiskennedy, alexis@failbetter.com


Episode Outline

0:00:26 – Failbetter Games

0:06:24 – The world of Fallen London

0:25:22 – Fallen London development

0:40:18 – Design challenges

0:52:39 – Business models

0:54:31 – Failbetter’s design process

1:01:24 – Future projects