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  2. Why Churches Should Rethink Their Singles Ministry [Podcast]

    In today’s #Vandercast, Holly talks with a panel from the Vanderbloemen team about why and how church leaders need to rethink their singles ministry.

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  3. Ludology : Ludology Episode 145 - Six Ways From Sunday

    ludology podcast

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  4. 122: The Most Important Decision You’ll Make as a Writer

    This week on The Portfolio Life, Andy Traub and I discuss how you can decide what matters most to you.

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  5. Accidental Creative

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  6. Podcast: Meaningful and Contributive - Accidental Creative Play in new window | DownloadEver feel disconnected from your work, or wonder if you’re making the right choices in your career and life? In today’s episode we share a simple framework for identifying activities in your life and work that will make a difference, and how to navigate closer to your “sweet spot”.


    Today’s episode is sponsored by Freshbooks. To claim your free month trial – with no credit card needed – visit

    Music for the AC podcast is by Joshua Seurkamp. End remix is by DJ Z-Trip.

    Get the Meaningful + Contributive Worksheet

    The dowloadable worksheet for this episode will show you the M+C matrix, and help you apply the concepts to your life and work.

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  7. How Your Surroundings Ignite Your Creativity (And What To Do About It)

    This week on The Portfolio Life, Eric Weiner and I talk about the connection between your surroundings and the influence they have on your personal creativity.

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  8. 111: Unlikely Sources of Inspiration

    Regardless of what leads you to feel uninspired, it’s important to know where you can go to replenish your creative wells.

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  9. The Creative Penn

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  10. Redefining What Success Means to Us with Aaron Walker

    Success isn’t measured by what we gain, but rather by who we influence. Many times, the goals we pursue are about us. But success is so much more than this.

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