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  1. Startup Playbook Ep101 - Didier Elzinga (CEO - Culture Amp) on the key trait of successful founders

    My guest for Episode 101 of The Startup Playbook Podcast is the Co-founder & CEO of Culture Amp, Didier Elzinga. For those of you unfamiliar with Didier and his story, at the age of 25, he was promoted to the CEO role at Rising Sun Pictures, a Hollywood Post Production Studio that worked on films …

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  2. History of Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible movies & TV show - Polygon

    Tracking the varied adventures of Ethan Hunt and the crew from beginning to the new sequel, Fallout.


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  3. Colin Hay - Music Teacher - Evenings - ABC Radio

    You’ll know Colin Hay as the man down under - the front man of classic Australian band Men At Work.

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  4. The Shape of Code - Elm from Several Perspectives

    Ryan, Amitai, and Adam talk about Elm, using it in practice, and how it both helps and informs our work on projects.


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  5. Cougar Lady Chronicles

    North by Northwest with Sheryl MacKay: Here are all 15 episodes of Grant Lawrence’s serial.

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  6. 68: Final Fantasy XV Spoilercast from Kotaku Splitscreen on podbay

    68: Final Fantasy XV SpoilercastJason and Kirk cover the week’s news then take a deep dive into Final Fantasy XV, spoilers and all.

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  7. Dan Abramov, co-author of Redux | Instructor Chats

    Joel Hooks co-founder of, interviews Dan Abramov, co-author of Redux. They discuss the "Redux phenomenon" and the notion of improving the developer experience.

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  8. 10,000 times 10,000 - Scale Up -

    Didier Elzinga, CEO and founder of Culture Amp, writes the "world’s simplest business plan", finds some cofounders and launches Culture Amp in a small co-working space.

    Welcome to the first episode of Scale Up, an 8 part series focused on startup companies scaling in Victoria, Australia.

    This series is all about Culture Amp. Started back in 2012 with four co-founders in a small co-working space. They’re now venture capital funded with their global headquarters still in Melbourne.

    More information about the series and LaunchVic -

    LaunchVic is Victoria’s startup ecosystem development agency. Our role is to help build the infrastructure for entrepreneurs and startups in Victoria.

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  9. HBT Top 100 Words - Episode 1

    Alright Patrons!

    Much to Karls chagrine, i am finally uploading some sweet bonus content for all of you legends! Ever wondered what would happen if i sat down in front of a microphone and played two tangent prone characters having a chat about the top 100 words. Well wonder no more! Here it is! Apologies for the 20 seconds of silence at the 2:40 mark. Technical difficulties and so forth….



    Rik xxx

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  10. The Dalrymple Report: With guests John Gruber, Matt Drance, and lots of Heineken

    What do you get when you put John Gruber, Matt Drance, and Jim Dalrymple in a room together with 24 Heineken? A podcast! Sponsor: Backblaze: Unlimited Online…

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