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  1. Seeing Red Radio: Haiti, Melvin Jones III, MLK and Tony Cliff 2.2

    This week we look at the hidden history of Haiti and the devastation exacted by global capital long before the earthquake struck, juxtaposing Pat Robertson’s hateful words with the “curse” inflicted by the World Bank and others. Also, horrific video is released of a white Springfield, MA police officer beating an African-American man while he was subdued by other officers, we’ll examine the racist legacy of the officer in question and the city’s infamously brutal police department. The last half-hour includes two talks from the Seeing Red archives: Martin Luther King speaking about protest and SWP founder Tony Cliff on the revolutionary party.

    Audio montage includes clips from Blackbox Radio, Al Jazeera, Raj Patel, Naomi Klein and Pat Robertson What You’re Not Hearing about Haiti (But Should Be) by Carl Lindskoog Obama Received $20 Million from Healthcare Industry in 2008 Campaign by Brad Jacobson Tea Party Convention Squeezes Fans Frustrated With Government Lies, Mexican Electricians Declare Wildcat Actions by Kristin Bricker Savage Police Brutality Revealed by Gary Lapon Audio of Paul Robeson Interview

    Music: Lafayette Afro-Rock Band – Hihache Gift of Gab & Lateef – Kalakuta Show Leadbelly – Bourgeois Blues Sharon Jones

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