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Seeing Red Radio is a Revolutionary Socialist radio program that covers the headlines from the front-lines of the International class war. Whether from Oaxaca to Amherst, Chicopee to Caracas, Seeing Red Radio chronicles the struggles of workers to free themselves from the oppressions of globalized capitalism. Tune in and arm yourself with the history, culture, and theory that can make a more humane world possible. Seeing Red Radio is broadcast on Valley Free Radio, WXOJ-LP, Northampton, MA every Thursday evening at 8:00 PM EST. Seeing Red was originally entitled “Praxis” and began broadcasting over two years ago on VFR. Seeing Red is broadcast terrestrially and can be heard on the Valley Free Radio webstream on Thursdays at 8 PM Eastern. Seeing Red Radio is also now available at for any Pacifica Network Affiliate that is interested in adding Seeing Red to their broadcast schedule. If so, please contact seeingredradio(at) Seeing Red can also be found at,, and

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  1. Seeing Red Radio: Paul Le Blanc on Socialism and Democracy 2.9

    Fresh from the new site, we feature Paul Le Blanc speaking on the topic, “What does Socialism have to say about Democracy?” He gave this talk in Chicago, IL, last weekend at Socialism 2010. Music: Democracy – Albino! Democracy Is… – Mad Professor Demo Crazy – Femi Kuti (Earthrise Soundsystem Remix) Demokracy – Abjeez feat. MC Talka Demokrassy – CivilianSlave The Best Democracy Money Can Buy – David Rovics People’s Choice – Derrick Harriot Democrazy – Kokolo Original version broadcast on Thursday, June 24, 2010 8 PM EST on WXOJ-LP 103.3 FM Valley Free Radio Northampton, MA Program length: 1:00:32

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  2. June’s Archive Release: Noam Chomsky on Arizona’s SB 1070 2.8

    June’s release is a show nearly a month old which features Professor Noam Chomsky speaking on the history of American neo-liberalism in Mexico and Central America, how it drives migrants to the United States and the role of immigrant scapegoating in diverting blame for workers’ economic hardships from the ruling class. Also, US is not leaving Iraq, the Rachel Corrie set off on its way to Gaza, and a Spanish court seeks the arrest of 13 CIA agents for illegal rendition.

    Noam Chomsky speaks at Brown University Fllmed by Robert Malin; additional camera Paul Hubbard That Iraq Withdrawal We Elected in 2008? by emptywheel Rachel Corey Solidarity ship sailed towards Gaza yesterday by Omar Ghraieb Arrest of 13 CIA Agents Sought in Spain

    Music: Back to Arizona – DJ John Blaze, Tajji Sharp, Yung Face, Mr. Miranda, Ocean, Da’aron Anthony, Atllas, Chino D, Nyhtee, Pennywise, Rich Rico, and Da Beast Rise Against – For What It’s Worth No One Is Illegal – David Rovics Afrodizz – Propaganda A Change Is Gonna Come – Lauryn Hill w/ The Fugees

    Original version broadcast on Thursday, May 15, 2010 8 PM EST on WXOJ-LP 103.3 FM Valley Free Radio Northampton, MA

    Program length: 57:09

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  3. Gaza Freedom Flotilla Attack 2.7

    In honor of the fallen comrades of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, who were attacked by armed Israeli commandos while attempting to deliver humanitarian aid to the besieged populace of Gaza, we present an hour of news coverage, protest speeches and music condemning this murderous act. Boycott, Divest and Sanction!

    audio excerpts from Al Jazeera coverage, including an interview with Free Gaza Movement member and Flotilla participant Huwaida Arraff Israel’s Lie Machine Goes into Overdrive by Alan Maass excerpts from speeches at recent rallies in London, UK and Washington DC given by Tariq Ali, Lowkey, Medea Benjamin and John Rees Glenn Greenwald of interviewed by Elliot Spitzer on MSNBC “Waiting for the Names of the Dead” poem by Mark Clinton

    Music: Song for Gaza – Michael Heart Emperor’s Clothes – Invincible Free Palestine – Genocide Long Live Palestine – Lowkey Cyborgs for a Free Palestine Olive Trees – Iron Sheik

    Background Music – Dream Sequence by Amon Tobin

    Original version broadcast on Thursday, June 3, 2010 8 PM EST on WXOJ-LP 103.3 FM Valley Free Radio Northampton, MA

    Program length: 59:57

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  4. Seeing Red Radio: May Day 09 Returns 2.6

    In anticipation of this year’s May Day, we present an adaptation of last year’s hour of radical and celebratory music and audio.

    Music: Freddie Ain’t Dead – Rollingcalf (Seeing Red Radio Mix) Kalakuta Republic – MixMaster Mike, Lateef and Gift of Gab of Blackilicious Fiffteen – Family Values Katrina, Tookie, and Illegal Immigrants – Son of Nun Let Them Eat War – Bad Religion Got to Fight Back – Civilianslave Join the Union Tonight – John Handcox Minimum Wage Strike – David Rovics Stab Them or Shoot Them – Utah Phillips with Ani DiFranco Which Side Are You On – Pete Seeger Use Your Cobra Skulls – Cobra Skulls There is Power in the Union – Billy Bragg Homefront – Tree Understanding Marx – Red Shadow All You Fascists Bound to Lose – Woody Guthrie One Day More – Elaine Purkey You Ain’t Been Doing Nothing If You Ain’t Been Called a Red – Faith Petric The Internationale – Billy Bragg

    Download this episode (right click and save)

    Original version broadcast on Thursday, April 30, 2009 8 PM EST on WXOJ-LP 103.3 FM Valley Free Radio Northampton, MA

    Program length: 58:51

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  5. Seeing Red Radio: Wikileaks Video, Vile Massey CEO Blankenship, Obama Orders Assassination of US Citizen 2.4

    This week, released graphic video of the cold-blooded slaughter of Iraqi civilians in 2007, including the two Reuters journalists picture above, Saeed Chmagh and Namir Noor-Eldeen. While confirming the authenticity of the video, the Pentagon’s response is effectively “So what?”, which leads one to imagine that the indiscriminate massacre of non-combatants is rather commonplace. This week’s dirty rotten boss, Don Blankenship of Massey Energy was busy updating his twitter page while his workers’ mourn the loss of their fellow miners, assuring that when his time comes, he’s reserved his first-class express trip to Hell. Hey maggots, Bon appetit! Without historical precedent, a standing US President orders the extra-judicial assassination of a US citizen! Now, that’s change you can believe in! Finally, we wrap it up with this day in Revolutionary history.

    Reuters Chief Spikes Story on Killing of His Own Staffers In Baghdad by John Cook Mourners stage vigils for miners; Blankenship updates Twitter page by Tim Wheeler 14 American workers die on the job every day by Chris Bowers Mayday Amidst Global Mayhem by Mumia Abu-Jamal

    Music: David Rovics – International Terrorists Fela Kuti – Zombie General Strike – Dirty Rotten Bosses Jackie Bernard – We a Socialist Anna Marly – Le Chant des Partisans Street Dogs – There is Power in a Union Sam Cooke – A Change is Gonna Come

    Original version broadcast on Thursday, April 8th, 2010 8 PM EST on WXOJ-LP 103.3 FM Valley Free Radio Northampton, MA

    Program length: 56:43

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  6. Seeing Red Radio: Health Care & Financial “Reform”, Stop-Loss Hip-Hop, E. Jerusalem Building Boom and Arizona 2.3

    Obama’s recently passed Health Care “Reform” Bill, and Christopher Dodd’s proposed Financial “Reform” legislation most recently exemplify the pro-corporate credentials of the Democratic party, solidifying their place as the US ruling class’ Team B. We then offer the hip-hop song that got Spc. Marc Hall imprisoned and facing a court martial, when he dared to call out the US Army’s disingenuous “stop-loss” policy, which forces members of the US Army to remain in the service beyond their contracted enlistments. We expose the the full extent of Israel’s plans for East Jerusalem, which seeks to effectively alter “facts on the ground”, and displace any hope of the “Peace Process”. We highlight the proposed legislation in Arizona which if passed will make every undocumented worker in the state a criminal “trespasser”. Lastly, we feature a day in Revolutionary History, March 25th, and remember the horror of one of America’s worst industrial disasters, the Triangle Shirtwaist

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  7. Seeing Red Radio: Haiti, Melvin Jones III, MLK and Tony Cliff 2.2

    This week we look at the hidden history of Haiti and the devastation exacted by global capital long before the earthquake struck, juxtaposing Pat Robertson’s hateful words with the “curse” inflicted by the World Bank and others. Also, horrific video is released of a white Springfield, MA police officer beating an African-American man while he was subdued by other officers, we’ll examine the racist legacy of the officer in question and the city’s infamously brutal police department. The last half-hour includes two talks from the Seeing Red archives: Martin Luther King speaking about protest and SWP founder Tony Cliff on the revolutionary party.

    Audio montage includes clips from Blackbox Radio, Al Jazeera, Raj Patel, Naomi Klein and Pat Robertson What You’re Not Hearing about Haiti (But Should Be) by Carl Lindskoog Obama Received $20 Million from Healthcare Industry in 2008 Campaign by Brad Jacobson Tea Party Convention Squeezes Fans Frustrated With Government Lies, Mexican Electricians Declare Wildcat Actions by Kristin Bricker Savage Police Brutality Revealed by Gary Lapon Audio of Paul Robeson Interview

    Music: Lafayette Afro-Rock Band – Hihache Gift of Gab & Lateef – Kalakuta Show Leadbelly – Bourgeois Blues Sharon Jones

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  8. Seeing Red Radio: From Marx’s Capital to Capitalism in the 21st Century 2.1

    Alex Callinicos of the Socialist Workers Party at Marxism 2007 spoke on “From Marx’s Capital to Capitalism in the 21st Century”. This talk and many others can be found on the Resistance MP3 site. Hopefully, this will inspire you to pick up Marx’s master work, and if so, please check out David Harvey’s excellent online resource.

    Music: Red Shadow – In the Lobby Bob Hill (Fred Hellerman) – Pity the Downtrodden Landlord Dave Lippmann – I Hate Walmart Ben Folds – Fred Jones Pt. 2 David Rovics – Strike a Blow Against the Empire Thievery Corporation – The Richest Man in Babylon (G Corp Dub) Inti-Illimani – El Pueblo Unido Albino! – Democracy

    Background Music by Charlie Hunter, Bonobo, Frankenstein, Crooklyn Dub Consortium, Ani DiFranco and Utah Phillips, Beatmakin Troopa and others.

    Original version broadcast on Thursday, January 7th, 2009 8 PM EST on WXOJ-LP 103.3 FM Valley Free Radio Northampton, MA

    Program Length – 59:53

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  9. Seeing Red Radio: Can Capitalism Solve Climate Change 12/17/09

    This edition we feature a talk by Alison Smith of the Socialist Workers Party and summarize the latest from COP 15 in Copenhagen.

    The summit that was designed to fail by Nicole Colson

    Music: Mr. Lif – Earthcrusher Jimi Hendrix – Earth Blues J.B.’s Internationals – Nature Rahsaan Roland Kirk – What’s Goin’ On/ Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology) Bjork – Earth Intruders David Rovics – Everything Looks the Same

    Background music by Tabla Beat Science – Biotech

    Original version broadcast on Thursday, December 17th, 2009 8 PM EST on WXOJ-LP 103.3 FM Valley Free Radio Northampton, MA

    Program Length – 1:01:23

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  10. Seeing Red Radio: Chris Harman 11/12/09

    We return with a tribute to the late Chris Harman who passed away in Cairo on the seventh of November, featuring a talk he gave on the Global Financial Crisis at this summer’s Marxism 2009 conference.

    Chris Harman’s How Marxism Works

    Music: Joe Glazer – The Giveaway Boys in Washington Amiri Baraka – Dope Cobra Skulls – Time and Pressure Rage Against the Machine – War Within a Breath Saul Williams & DJ Spooky- The Pledge Remix The Internationale

    Original version broadcast on Thursday, November 11th, 2009 8 PM EST on WXOJ-LP 103.3 FM Valley Free Radio Northampton, MA

    Program Length – 58:52

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