How Simple Game Mechanics Can Impassion People To Do More Business With You – with Amy Jo Kim

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  1. How Simple Game Mechanics Can Impassion People To Do More Business With You – with Amy Jo Kim

    You and I have both know people who desperately promote their Twitter accounts because they want to see their follower numbers increase. I recorded this interview to help you learn how you can foster that kind of rabid enthusiasm for your product by adding game mechanics.

    I used to think adding game mechanics was a simple as “throwing some kind of point system” on a site. After listening to Amy Jo Kim in this program, you’ll see that there’s more going on under the surface. You’ll understand the levels of activity that you need to build in. And you’ll get a virtual toolbox full of tools that you can use to add game mechanics to your business and build a passionate audience that competes to take more action on your site.

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  2. Putting the Fun in Functional: Applying Game Mechanics to Social Software – Amy Jo Kim, ShuffleBrain

    Taking Amy Jo Kim’s principles to heart, it’s possible to make even the most productive social interactivities "fun." We already knew we could lose track of time and become immersed in our work but now we know how to help others fall into "flow". Kim reviews three case studies of social media—YouTube, Twitter and FaceBook — implementing specific qualities of game mechanics.

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  3. How Answering “So What?” Will Increase Your Site’s Engagement – With Mark Magnacca | Case Studies & Business Tips

    I invited Mark Magnacca to Mixergy for a second time so he could go into more depth about the ideas behind his book “So What?” and show us they’d apply to web sites.

    To help illustrate his message, he put together a series of slides and gave feedback on Mixergy viewer’s web sites. (You can download the deck below.)

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  4. Ed Robinson of Aptimize - How Your Scrappy Startup Can Make Big Sales To Fortune 500s | Mixergy - For ambitious upstarts and startups

    One of the first things I noticed when I looked at Aptimize, Ed Robinson’s year-old company, is a collection of logos from top clients that his company sold to. Microsoft and Google stand out right away, but if you check out this page, you’ll see there are others.

    So I invited him to Mixergy to teach us how he did it. What I especially appreciated about Ed is that he didn’t want to just “wing it.” Before he came to Mixergy he emailed me a list of detailed notes on what he wanted to teach and he backed his points with specific examples from his company. All the work he put in before the interview means you’ll be able to use more of it after you hear it.

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  5. Mixergy | Business Tips

    From Scuba Diving Instructor to SEO Master… and an Extra $100,000 From Watching Mixergy – with Gabriel Machuret — In a past interview, did you hear me read an email from Gabriel Machuret, a search engine optimization consultant, who said that he earned $100,000 more last year because of Mixergy?

    When my mentor heard that, he said, “Andrew you should interview him.” But I was hesitant because I worried it might come across as too self-promotional. Then he said, “People want to see how viewers are using what they’re learning. At least try it once and see how it goes.” So that’s what we’re doing.

    And to make sure that this interview helps you get the kind of measurable results that Gabriel got, he and I went over specific tactics he learned from Mixergy, how he applied them and how you can use them in your business to get similar results.

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