How Clever Entrepreneurs Turned 3 Air Mattresses Into Airbnb, The Site That Makes Any Home A Bed And Breakfast – with Brian and Joe | Case Studies & Business Tips

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  1. Portugal Startups: Episode 1 - Good examples of Portuguese startups

    In this episode we will talk about three good examples of startups in Portugal:

    Metaclassy - Developers of the popular Mac/iOS App Store Byword. InvoiceXpress – Invoicing software with an API. Modelo3 – Handles IRS declarations, helping to save money. In a few days, we will publish (in English, this time!) the analysis we made of these companies.

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  2. The Lean Startup: 10 Reasons Most Startups FAIL

    Eric Ries (Co-founder of IMVU / Author & Founder of “The Lean Startup”) is sought after worldwide for the methodology he advocates for both startups and large companies. In this session, Eric explains why most startups fail, how The Lean Startup has revolutionized entrepreneurship, and what you can do TODAY to improve your odds of building a game-changing product. This session is sponsored by 500 Start Ups.

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  3. Episode 7 – 50% more listeners | The Late Night Bootstrapped Show

    In this episode of The Late Night Boostrapped Show Sam and Rich discuss

    Update for Habit Mix Using interviews to create new unique content Implementing documentation and help for your SaaS application Gamification of Habbit Mix Update for Campaign Panel Sam’s tips of the day Telling someone their idea sucks Sam’s rant – business renovation shows


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  4. Why Moving Her Team to Brazil Was Genius - Nathan Latka

    In Episode #717, Nathan interviews Emília Chagas. She’s the CEO of, a company that helps over 700 companies plan, create, distribute and analyze content. As a content manager for over 8 years, she has led video, book and web-based strategies at both enterprises and SMBs. She’s a 500 Startups entrepreneur and part of the Endeavor Promises Program.

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  5. Leancamp London

    Chris Heilmann’s talk introduces Yahoo technologies that startups can benefit from (YQL, YUI, Design Patterns) and interviews David Heinemeier Hansson of 37 Signals about their new book Rework for the YDN Theatre.

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