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  1. Making Whuffie: Raising Social Capital in Online Communities

    This talk gets to the heart of how people interact and exchange information in online communities: through social capital, or as Cory Doctorow calls it, Whuffie. The key to growing customers in online communities is through growing your social capital. You will learn the 5 lessons of raising Whuffie through online communities in this presentation.

    Tara Hunt Intuit

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  2. AJAX Accessibility: An ARIA Duet

    Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIAs) are not just possible but freely obtained through open source techniques. ARIA developer Becky Gibson will demonstrate ARIA coding techniques and existing toolkits to solve real world challenges posed by accessible technology advocate Sharron Rush.

    Sharron Rush Exec Dir,

    Becky Gibson Web Accessibility Architect, IBM

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  3. SXSWi: Curating the Crowdsourced World

    With all the stuff we weed through online, good filters are crucial. Who’s best-suited to determine what’s best, curators or the crowd? People have their religion about one or the other, however this panel will focus on the overlap, the grey areas and how curating and crowd-sourcing enrich each other.

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  4. Building Strong Online Communities |

    Many start blogs and social networking sites, but few build vibrant, self-sustaining communities. This panel explores some of the most successful ventures that grew independently and continue to grow today. Lessons learned, plans for the future will be discussed along with some best practices for those who seek to develop true communities.

    Ken Fisher Editor-in-Chief, Ars Technica

    Alexis Ohanian Prod Mgr of Awesome,

    Drew Curtis The Member,

    Erin Kotecki Vest BlogHer Inc

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  5. Developing Super Senses: Tools to Know Your Users |

    You know you need to do user research, but how? Should you write surveys, do focus groups, or develop personas? And how do you act on what you’ve learned? We’ve been in the trenches and have concrete suggestions on what you can, and should do NOW to conduct effective user research.

    Mark Trammell Digg

    Juliette Melton User Experience Mgr, Lumos Labs

    Nate Bolt Bolt|Peters

    Carla Borsoi VP Research & Analytics,

    Andy Budd Clearleft Ltd


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  6. What Can We Learn From Games |

    Experts from three different (bit connected) industries talk about game design, learning theories, collective intelligence, transmedia entertainment, and the value of play in a participatory culture.

    Henry Jenkins Co-Dir CMS, MIT

    James Gee Mary Lou Fulton Presidential Professor of Literacy Studies, Arizona State University

    Warren Spector GM Creative Dir, Junction Point - Disney Interactive Studios


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