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  1. ELC 036: Strategies For Effective Online Instruction

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  2. STEP Conference 2016 Keynote 1 Janie McManus – Attainment and Improvement

    Audio recorded at STEP, Scottish Teachers for Enhancing Practice (incorporating the Association of Chartered Teachers Scotland) National Education Conference Exploring Attainment Saturday 5th March 2016

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  3. A Personal Learning Framework

    "In this talk I review two major threads of our work at NRC over the last few years, MOOCs and Personal Learning Environments (PLEs). I describe the gRSShopper project and our Plearn PLE prototype development. Placing these in the context of a network theory of learning, I then outline the new Learning and Performance Support System (LPSS) program being undertaken at NRC."

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  4. Inspirational learning space ideas from Stephen Heppell

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  5. Do it for the kids

    Nate Boateng sits down to talk about raising kids in an always-on world of technology. They talk about setting rules, monitoring activity and the general challenges of being a parent.

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  6. Research Materials and Tools with Walton Jones

    "Gabe talks with Walton Jones, professor of Behavioral Neurobiology at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and writer at the Drosophiliac."

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  7. To The Best Of Our Knowledge: Learning Outside The Box

    Big box education is on the way out. Instead, imagine a future with schools of every variety available for mixing and matching, like sushi on a platter. Micro-schools, Waldorf Schools, part-time schools and more. And non-school alternatives like internships and single classes. That’s the future as seen by Matt Hern, an advocate for what he calls de-schooling. In this hour of To the Best of Our Knowledge, learning outside the box. And, redefining normal for kids on the short bus.

    Jonathan Mooney says that "normal" is a social construct, not a medical one. Dan Zanes writes music for children of all ages. Matt Hern advocates alternative education. Michel Piechowski describes the way gifted children experience their lives. Sherman Alexie tries to teach an end to tribalism.

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