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  1. The Unified Field Theory of Google - IEEE Spectrum

    A Techwise Conversation with Google+ designer Joseph Smarr.

    They say you only get one chance at a first impression, but logically speaking, you only get one chance at a second impression too. Google’s earlier forays into social networking haven’t been well received, but Google’s newest is making a very good impression indeed. Analysts, journalists, and the public at large all seem to like Google+. That is, those that can get on—the service is still in an invitation-only mode. The software isn’t perfect—for example, as my guest last week, Danny Sullivan from Search Engine Land, pointed out, Google’s +1 button—more or less the equivalent of the Facebook “Like” button—doesn’t sync up with Google+. People are looking for other comparisons to Facebook as well, but surely that misses the point. This isn’t iPhone vs. Android and who has the faster processor or more pixels or a bigger app store. Google and Facebook have very different philosophies. Google wants you to use the whole Web. The more you do, the more you need its search engine and YouTube and Blogger and Picassa and all its other sites and the ads they show you. Facebook, on the other hand, wants you to use, well, Facebook. In short, Google wants to play off its superior knowledge of the world and how you fit into it. Facebook wants to play off its superior knowledge of you, and how everyone else fits into your world. This is the clash we tried to lay out for you in last month’s special report on social networking. That was before even this initial beta release of Google+. Now that we’ve seen the real thing, we have some questions. And who better to answer them than Joseph Smarr? He’s a software engineer at Google who helped design and code Google+. Previously, he was the chief technology officer for Plaxo, which bills itself as the “smart address book.” He joins us by phone from Google’s campus in Mountain View, Calif.

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  2. < Can Buddhist Practices Help Us Overcome The Biological Pull Of Dissatisfaction?

    This is FRESH AIR. I'm Terry Gross. My guest Robert Wright is the author of the new book "Why Buddhism Is True: The Science And Philosophy Of Meditation And Enlightenment." The book explains the contrasting explanations offered by Buddhism and Darwin's theory of natural selection about why happiness is fleeting, and we're never satisfied. But Wright says Darwin's theory helps us understand why meditation can help liberate us from the delusions that make us suffer.


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  3. Nature’s Take: what’s next for the preprint revolution

    "In this first episode of Nature's Take, we get four of Nature's staff around microphones to get their expert take on preprints. These pre-peer-review open access articles have spiked in number over recent years and have cemented themselves as an integral part of scientific publishing. But this has not been without its issues."


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  4. Colin Marshall Interviews Lawrence Osborne on Bangkok

    "This perspective certainly enriches a revisitation of my interview with Osborne about Bangkok Days, but in truth I’ve listened to it more than a few times over the years. (This sets it well apart from most of the hundreds of others I’ve recorded, edited, and never heard again.) Without quite being able to separate cause from effect, I can say that many of the subjects we discussed have turned into longer-term themes for me: the “new urban civilization” emerging in the 21st century, the necessity of speaking the local language, the persistence of Judeo-Christian morality in ostensibly secular societies, the danger of the West “regulating itself out of existence,” the insult to intelligence that is the U.S. publisher-applied subtitle."

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  5. Is There Life After Death? | Q & A with Thich Nhat Hanh

    Thay answers questions on 21 June 2014. Question 6

    Help us caption & translate this video!

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  6. GTD Podcast #29 & #30 - Keynote in Milan

    David Allen shares an in-depth, sweeping overview of GTD to an audience in Milan, Italy. Learn best practices, as well as what you can expect to have happen in your life once you start applying them.

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