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  1. Don’t be afraid! CLEAN that eyepiece.

    TelescopeMan solves the RUMORS and mis-information surrounding cleaning a telescope eyepiece. Most everything you have heard about doing this is wrong. Watch this informative video to find out just how tough those coatings are on a name brand eyepiece.It is no harder than cleaning a lens on your camera.

    It’s not what you were taught by ole time amateur astronomers.

    This is the audio file only. The complete video is available on

    —Huffduffed by TelescopeMan

  2. Beginner Astronomy Class - March 2013

    The March 2013 Beginner Astronomy Class- Kelley Miller discusses the Curiosity Mars Rover.

    Held at Richland College in Dallas, Texas

    —Huffduffed by TelescopeMan

  3. TelescopeMan discusses the GSO & TMB Eyepieces

    TelescopeMan describes the advantages of this low cost wide field eyepiece- the GSO, vs the mid priced TMB eyepiece.

    —Huffduffed by TelescopeMan

  4. Flex 3000 Sound Recording December 2013

    TelescopeMan records the Flex 3000 SDR (Amateur Radio) while dialing around the 20 meter radio band. At the 5:30 mark you can also hear various digital signals along with CW signals.

    One of the last digital signals is slow scan TV — someone transmitting a picture. All of the digital signals can be decoded using the appropriate software such a FLdigi and Ham Radio Deluxe.

    TelescopeMan continues to be amazed at the capabilities of the Flex 3000 SDR radio. It’s simply unbelievable the weak signals it can receive and the quality of the software filters.

    —Huffduffed by TelescopeMan

  5. International Astronomy Interview - June 2012

    TelescopeMan interviews four amateur astronomers located around the world. The interview discusses the Venus Transit, June 5th, the partial eclipse on June 4th, and helpful hints for beginner amateur astronomers. All of them are moderators on and international discussion forum for amateur astronomers.

    —Huffduffed by TelescopeMan

  6. Dstar Radio Audio from Japan

    Transmission captured on 12-1-2013 using a DVdongle and Audacity. Very good audio from Japan to Texas!

    —Huffduffed by TelescopeMan

  7. Alexei Filippenko lecture at NEAF Convention- April 2011

    TelescopeMan has received permission from Alexei Filippenko to publish his lecture at the NEAF convention that occurred a few days ago. Thanks goes out to member Greg Wing for furnishing the audio file.

    Enjoy- and clear skies!


    —Huffduffed by TelescopeMan

  8. 3rd International Skype Call- Astrophotography

    TelescopeMan rounds up an international assortment of amateur astronomers to discuss astrophotography for beginners.

    Another interesting discussion on this challenging segment of the Astronomy hobby- taking photos of the night sky. Many tips discussed that can help someone new to the hobby who wants to start taking astro-photos. This is the 3rd in a series of international Skype calls between amateur astronomers. the blog web site where TelescopeMan stores his audio-video files www, Huffduffer audio podcast site

    Free royalty free music by

    —Huffduffed by TelescopeMan

  9. Good Old Boys Radio Net on ham radio

    TelescopeMan records the Good Old Boys amateur radio net on 7.279, on January 8, 2014.

    Posted so that some of the members can hear their audio signals. Check-ins on the net from all around the USA. Signals were captured near Dallas, Texas on a Flex 3000 radio.

    —Huffduffed by TelescopeMan

  10. Dstar Net on the K5TIT Dstar Repeater Dallas, Texas

    TelescopeMan records part of the K5TIT Dstar repeater net on Sunday, March 9, 2014. Notice the good quality audio from ham radio operators located all around Texas and Oklahoma checking into the Net. The Dstar repeater is located in Dallas, Texas.


    —Huffduffed by TelescopeMan

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