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  1. TelescopeMan discusses Finderscopes

    TelescopeMan discusses aligning your finderscope with the main tube; a frequent question by beginner amateur astronomers on

    —Huffduffed by TelescopeMan

  2. TelescopeMan records Dennis Webbs ARP Galaxy Presentation

    TelescopeMan records Dennis Webb presentation on Arp Galaxies; at the June 2011 meeting of the Texas Astronomical Society of Dallas, TX. Visit these other TelescopeMan web sites for RSS links to these files. The video of this presentation is on

    Clear Skies! TelescopeMan

    —Huffduffed by TelescopeMan

  3. TelescopeMan - July Observing List

    TelescopeMan discusses several objects for the month of July. The observing list is for 32 degrees North Latitude at 9PM at night and was run for July 15th. Telescopeman’s blog web site all of TelescopeMan’s audio & video podcast files

    —Huffduffed by TelescopeMan

  4. TelescopeMan August Observing List

    TelescopeMan describes several objects to observe during the month of August. TelescopeMan uses the free software at to generate the observing list for any time or date.

    —Huffduffed by TelescopeMan

  5. TelescopeMan interviews the webmaster-owner of

    TelescopeMan interviews the web master for, a growing community of amateur astronomers on the internet. The web site is especially good for the beginning amateur astronomer.

    Music by, thanks Dano. TelescopeMan’s blog site TelescopeMan’s audio podcast site where TelescopeMan stores his audio-video podcasts

    —Huffduffed by TelescopeMan

  6. TelescopeMan discusses the GSO & TMB Eyepieces

    TelescopeMan describes the advantages of this low cost wide field eyepiece- the GSO, vs the mid priced TMB eyepiece.

    —Huffduffed by TelescopeMan

  7. TelescopeMan discusses Refractors, Reflectors, and Catadioptric style telescopes.

    TelescopeMan describes the refractor, the reflector, and the catadioptric telescope; three terms that confuse beginner amateur astronomers.

    Clear skies!


    —Huffduffed by TelescopeMan

  8. International Conference #4

    TelescopeMan interviews three of the moderators and the owner of the Astronomy based web site:

    The world’s largest international Astronomy forum with over 55,000 members worldwide. The moderators discuss the web site operation, and moderation.

    Recorded using Skype in January 2012.

    —Huffduffed by TelescopeMan

  9. TelescopeMan Feb 2012 Observing List

    TelescopeMan gives his February 2012 observing list. Several of the objects in his report can be viewed using binoculars and or a small telescope.

    —Huffduffed by TelescopeMan

  10. TelescopeMan March 2012 Observing List

    TelescopeMan gives his observing list for March 2012. A selection of nice objects in the night sky that can be seen from a suburban viewing site.

    —Huffduffed by TelescopeMan

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