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  1. John Cassidy - The Market/State Pendulum

    John Cassidy, writer from the New Yorker Magazine, says that because of the recent recession, the economic rise of China and India, and issues like climate change, the role of the state in capitalist societies is being reevaluated. He says that the idea of state intervention is more flexible than it has been, even ten or 15 years ago. Interviewed by Peter Leyden at King’s College, April 2010.

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  2. Monday Morning Memo: Faux Authenticity

    "We’re staring into the face of a trend.

    I told you in Dec. 2003 that we were moving into an era of “working together for the common good” and that the transition would take 6 years. Thousands of you from Stockholm to Sydney to Las Vegas to South Carolina slipped into the hour-and-a-half multimedia time-tunnel in which I illustrated the arc of society’s 40-year pendulum. Thousands more of you have seen one of my partners make the same presentation.

    That 6-year transition is ended; we’re now living solidly in the upswing of a Civic cycle."

    Roy H. Williams’ Monday Morning Memo (

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  3. Tighten Up podcast 04

    The 4th of the Tighten UP! podcast series, with your hosts Houston and Illy. Watch your ipod melt from the mp3 hotness. The Tighten UP! team is pushing the dopest underground electro, dubstep, bassline house, rave rap, disco jams, dnb, techno rave songs, and club bangers around! This mix features new material from Rusko, Alvin Risk, Rrrump, Endboss, Pendulum, 12th Planet, The American Dream Team, Subfocus, Doctor P, Dizzee Rascal, Hyx and Houston. Visit for more info.

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