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  1. Podcast: Authenticity And Creative Expression With Robert Rabbin | The Creative Penn

    In July 2008, I did Robert’s course ‘RealTime Speaking’ which was a transformative weekend for me. It helped me embrace the word ‘creative’ and my love of books and writing. It empowered me to start The Creative Penn as a business, and kickstarted my speaking career which goes international in October when I speak in Bali. So it is fantastic to have Robert on the show. He has so much to teach all of us about authenticity and being real.

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  2. Fare enough: Concocting an aura of authenticity in traditional food products

    Food historian Prof Ken Albala discusses how the marketing machine creates a sense of authenticity around foods from various regions in Europe. Presented by Elisabeth Lopez.

    "I think the irony of the whole situation is that some of those products that really get attention and are marketed well and sold abroad, anything that’s traditional about them is ruined as a result, because they end up ramping up production and they end up cutting corners and doing things that are definitely not traditional in a way" — Prof Ken Albala

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  3. Hay House Heal Summit - How Authenticity Heals You - Anita Moorjani

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    Hay House Heal Summit - Unlocking Your Body’s Natural Ability

    In this jaw-dropping lesson, Anita shares how visiting the Other Side gave her the ability to tap into the remarkable power of authenticity back here on Earth. In order to manage the natural fears that are part of human existence, Anita now teaches how we can use authenticity to make healthier food choices, remain at peace, and stay connected to our spiritual nature.

    You’ll learn: -How experiencing the Other Side can bring inspiration. -The stunning shock of insight that helped Anita heal her cancer in 6 weeks . -How to find the perfect diet for you . -How authenticity can help you heal fear and disease. -What you should never, ever say to someone with cancer.

    Focus on what brings you joy, focus on the people who you love and the people who love you, and spend every day doing things that make you feel good. — Anita Moorjani

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  4. Jenny and Paul Sell Out Episode #5: WHITE STRYPER

    Is Jack White, of White Stripes fame, a crass authenticity leech, a genius, a misogynist, a master manipulator of public opinion, all of the above, or none of the above? That is the central question of episode #5, where we also consider the career of Steve Guttenberg, the American Pickers and the knotty concept of cultural authenticity.

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