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  1. 태비 게빈슨(Tavi Gevinson): 아직 알아가는 중인 10대

    15살 소녀 태비 게빈슨은 강한 청소년 여성 롤모델을 찾는 것이 힘들다는 것을 느껴 그들이 서로를 찾을 수 있는 공간을 만들었습니다. 그녀는 TEDXTeen에서 소녀의, 소녀를 위한, 그녀의 유명한 웹매거진 ‘루키’에서 새롭고 당당하며 복잡한 현대의 페미니즘을 자세하게 설명합니다. (TEDXTeen에서 촬영됨.)

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  2. Paul Polak on Appropriate Technology for the Smart Era | SDF2012

    Are innovations in science and technology only destined to be faster, more complex and capital-intensive? In this transition period into the so-called ‘smart era’, ‘appropriate technology’ is receiving renewed attention.

    과학과 기술은 과연 더 빠르고, 복잡하고, 자본 집약적인 방향으로만 진화할 것인가? 가난한 자의 기술, 또는 수준 낮은 기술 등으로 비하되며 사회적 관심에서 벗어나고 있던 적정기술이, 스마트 과도기 첨단기술의 홍수 속에서 재조명되고 있다.

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  3. Radical Immediate Retirement: Escape the Soul Crushing Horror of Your Job Right Now? What Could Happen if you Just Chucked it All and Quit? RPF0107

    My guest today is David Downie, an attorney from Australia. David found himself stuck in the middle of his career, frustrated at life and simply decided to quit without much of a backup plan. 

    Many adventures have ensued!

    Since that time, David has:

    Written children’s books

    Contributed to the book 1001 Beers You Must Taste Before You Die


    Written a book on Radical Immediate Retirement

    The interview is thought-provoking in every way!



    Links: - David’s site about his children’s books.

    Radical Immediate Retirement - the site and the book - David’s site on publishing - David’s beer review project

    The Secret Life of Bosses - story about David in the Sydney Morning Herald


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  4. Sharp Football Analysis

    Warren Sharp (@SharpFootball) of and Evan Silva (@EvanSilva) of fill a jam packed episode with takeaways and insights from the 2018 NFL draft, a huge personnel accomplishment, newly released NFL season win totals, a deep dive into strength of schedule and more.

    0:00:00 – Intro

    0:07:11 – 2018 NFL Draft Thoughts

    0:21:50 – Big Deal

    0:32:30 – Dumb Teams do Dumb Things

    0:39:50 – Win Totals

    0:52:17 – Strength of Schedule

    1:10:36 – Wrap-up

    You don’t want to miss it!

    Be sure to check out (on your desktop) for the advanced, visualized Strength of Schedule, the Sharp Box Score and other data tools.

    Subscribe on iTunes and listen below:

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  5. How The Catholic Church Documented Mother Teresa’s 2 Miracles : Parallels : NPR

    A cancer patient and a coma victim credit her for their recovery. "You have to accept that there are things that science cannot explain," says an atheist physician who’s investigated miracle stories.

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  6. Weekend: Coma Summer

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  7. Voices of Wrestling : Wrestlenomics Radio: Kayfabermetrics

    Host Chris Harrington (@mookieghana) is joined by Matthew Timmons of Kayfabermetrics for 90 minutes of discussion on the art and artifice of creating pro-wrestling statistics.  We cover inspirations, the dataset challenges, inventing custom metrics, key learnings, great project names, overcoming hurdles and much more.  

    Matthew explains his novel approach for looking at "velocity" going into a PPV, what it means to be pushed (or buried) based on match length, how to rate opponents’ strength and more going far beyond the dull win-loss metrics that don’t really illustrate the full story. Also, we look at the weirdest keywords to gain readers, what tools we use, the mistakes that keep us up at night, the lonely life of making arguments using numbers and future goals.

    You can see Matthew’s work at (@kayfabermetrics) and Juice Make Sugar. Mookie’s website is at and (@mookieghana)

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  8. ACT,SAT,GRE Grad and Undergrad Vocabulary Course ©™

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  9. ACT,SAT,GRE Grad and Undergrad Vocabulary Course ©™

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  10. ACT,SAT,GRE Grad and Undergrad Vocabulary Course ©™

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