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  1. Brian and Laura Hales - Joseph Smith and Plural Marriage

    Brian and Laura Hales at the FairMormon Conference in Kungsbacka, Sweden, 18 June 2016.

    Very interesting address by Brian Hales​ and Laura Harris Hales. This subject is controversial, no doubt, but it is refreshing to see that all the evidence as we know it - not speculation - support the notion that the prophet Joseph Smith tried to live an honorable life in relation to all men and women. And whether one approves of polygamy or not, it is clear that Joseph only did what he felt he was called to do by the Lord, void of any personal desires or quests. The Hales' are not defending polygami itself, but rather defending its historical details, helping their audience to dispel fact from fiction.

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  2. 162 – 🖥️ Surveillance Capitalism & Accessibility with Laura Kalbag – Thunder Nerds

    In this episode we get to speak with Laura Kalbag: Author, Co-Founder and Designer at Indie. We chat with Laura about her residence in Ireland, and the the current European political climate with regards to Brexit. We then dive into Laura's company Indie, and their product Better;  Better is a priva

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  3. 040: with Laura Kalbag - ShopTalk

    This week we were joined by Laura Kalbag, a freelance designer from Surrey in the UK. She’s done some work you might be familiar with, like the “Future Of …” conference websites. Laura talks about responsive design and what it’s like being a web designer in a modern and fresh way.

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