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  1. Mindful Conception & Raising Healthy Babies with Kim Schuette

    Kim Schuette of Biodynamic Wellness joins Elevate Your Energy to discuss: - What does ?mindful conception? involve? - Why is autism on the rise and can it be prevented? - What are the typical steps you young couples should take prior to conception? - What contributes to infertility? - What do you need to know about early childhood vaccines? - What are the best first foods for babies? - What are the best ways to keep young children healthy and thriving?

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  2. I Don’t Even Own a Television : Covert Conception (w/ Mara Wilson)

    Secret eugenics programs? Harley mechanics? Babies, babies, babies? Sounds like a Harlequin Intrigue book to me.

    Join myself and internet storyteller of note Mara Wilson as we recount our descent into the fictional world of "Covert Conception", a book where top-secret genetic research firms use date-rape drugs to trick people into doing it and making ‘superior babies’. Yes, it’s as weird as it sounds.

    Topics include: Romance novel bingo, puritanical upbringings, and sex dreams about Ricky Gervais.

    Bumper music: "Flying High Again" by Ozzy Osbourne, "Bad Boys" by Steel Pulse

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  3. Home Medicine Summit (10/2018) - Sally Fallon – Before Your Baby: How to Prepare Your Body Before Conception

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    Most nutritional advice for a young woman considering motherhood comes after she is pregnant, but according to Sally Fallon, this is almost too late. Our healthiest ancestors had young couples begin to prepare their bodies by eating sacred foods well in advance of conception.

    The Grow Network’s own Casey Cash, who is a young woman considering motherhood herself, interviews Sally Fallon to discuss how she should begin to prepare. Casey and Sally discuss why there are so few truly healthy babies being born today and how to recognize a healthy baby. What is the best interval for child spacing? The foods you should avoid. And how to source the sacred foods our ancestors knew were needed to create a beautiful and vibrant baby.

    Understand the importance of the father’s nutritional levels (for quality sperm)

    Know how far in advance of conception should you prepare your body

    How to recognize if a baby is healthy or not

    Where to find sacred foods to prepare your body

    Learn what foods to avoid before and during pregnacy

    Be prepared to handle an ‘oops’ situation

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  4. Part 2 Gabriel Marcel | On the Ontological Mystery

    support my Video Work - study Existentialism with me - get Marcel’s Philosophy Of Existentialism -

    In this second lecture discussing the Christian Existentialist, Gabriel Marcel’s, essay "On the Ontological Mystery," we follow out his explorations and examples working within the scope of the mystery (which he has distinguished from the problematic).

    In particular, we look at Marcel’s conception of presence, recollection, reflection to the second degree, and the dramatic conception of Being. This leads into examination of the choices and oppositions between: fidelity and betrayal, hope and despair, availability and unavailablity — in older terms, the classical theological virtues (faith, hope, charity) and their opposites

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