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  1. MDMA: RISK VS REWARD | “Do The Dangers Outweigh Positive Effects?”

    Do the risks of taking Ecstasy/Molly/MDMA outweigh the rewards? And what exactly are the most dangerous risks? We explain some of the very serious dangers that many users like to sweep under the rug, as well as the statistically proven benefits. Hope you all enjoy!

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    Please Note: This is educational content intended to reduce harm and danger. We teach people what the true risks are and what they may be getting themselves into so they can make educated, informed decisions and be safe.

    According to the community guidelines (, videos that are documentary by nature or intended to educate which are not graphic and do not glorify use such as this one are suitable for advertising.


    Research Using MDMA to Heal PTSD: Forbes Article - MAPS Website -

    Tablet Strength Increase:

    500mg Kills Teen Article:

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  2. The Past, Present & Future of ETFs with Eric Balchunas  – [Invest Like the Best, EP.93]

    My guest this week is Eric Balchunas, the senior ETF analyst for Bloomberg and the author of the Institutional ETF toolbox. This episode is intended for those in the asset or wealth management industry who have considered using ETFs in their portfolios, or for the individual investor who likes to stay up to date on trends in the market for asset management products. We cover all aspects of ETFs in some detail, and luckily in ways that have little overlap with a few other recent ETF-centric episodes on two of my favorite podcasts: the Meb Faber Show and Capital Allocators with Ted Seides with Matt Hougan and Tom Lydon respectively.

    We open with Eric’s favorite ETF tickers, discuss the pros and cons of ETFs versus other investment vehicles, and explore the largest areas of opportunities for new ETFs coming to market in the years to come. ETFs have become the vehicle of choice for many investors, so it was about time we covered them in depth in this forum. As you’ll hear, Eric is the right person to teach the world about ETFs, thanks to deep domain knowledge and unflagging enthusiasm. Please enjoy my conversation with Eric Balchunas on the past, present, and future of ETFs.


    Books Referenced

    Quantitative Momentum: A Practitioner’s Guide to Building a Momentum-Based Stock Selection System


    Links Referenced

    Chart – There Are Now More Indexes Than Stocks


    Show Notes

    2:32 – (First Question) – Eric’s favorite ETF tickers

    4:07 – How Eric got started into his career and how it led him into the ETF world

    8:04 – An overview of the ETF landscape

    10:10 – Active managed ETFs

    12:17 – Chart – There Are Now More Indexes Than Stocks

    13:32 – Key variables he thinks about when assessing a new ETF

    15:18 – Evaluating shiny object ETFs

    17:30 – The appeal of ETFs

    20:18 – Future regulatory concern of the tax treatments of ETFs

    22:10 – The liquidity advantage of ETFs and why that can actually be bad for investors

    24:19 – What would Eric do to build the perfect ETF

    26:03 – What are the future trends for new ETF’s launched

    29:40 – Categories that work well in the ALT world of ETFs

    31:32 – Most effective marketing strategy for ETFs

    35:50 – Quantitative Momentum: A Practitioner’s Guide to Building a Momentum-Based Stock Selection System

    36:28 – How will the winning asset managers have done differently in this space

    41:56 – How the next downturn could impact ETFs

    46:17 – Do ETF’s create pricing distortions

    50:33 – What trend is Eric most interested in right now

    53:21 – Alpha through Beta

    55:51 – Kindest thing anyone has done for Eric



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  3. Benefits Can Outweigh Risks For Pregnant Women On Anxiety Drugs Or SSRIs : Shots - Health News : NPR

    Is it OK to take antidepressants or anxiety medicine during pregnancy? Recent research suggests women who need treatment can take these drugs. Doctors recommend the lowest effective dose.

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  4. Poll Position: Accuracy Of The Polls

    As we move toward the end of August and the Labor Day holiday, polling reveals a couple of trends – Hillary Clinton is in the lead and Donald Trump’s disapproval numbers vastly outweigh his approval numbers. Are the polls accurate? Is there a hidden Trump vote not reflected in the polls? And how does this relate to a political urban legend born in California several decades ago – the “Bradley Effect”?

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