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    Jim Fetzer is being sued by “Lennie Pozner”. Is this a good thing to expose his simulated character?  Jim uses the word simunition, perfect for our simulated #hrdpar vocab.  W…

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  2. Radical Immediate Retirement: Escape the Soul Crushing Horror of Your Job Right Now? What Could Happen if you Just Chucked it All and Quit? RPF0107

    My guest today is David Downie, an attorney from Australia. David found himself stuck in the middle of his career, frustrated at life and simply decided to quit without much of a backup plan. 

    Many adventures have ensued!

    Since that time, David has:

    Written children’s books

    Contributed to the book 1001 Beers You Must Taste Before You Die


    Written a book on Radical Immediate Retirement

    The interview is thought-provoking in every way!



    Links: - David’s site about his children’s books.

    Radical Immediate Retirement - the site and the book - David’s site on publishing - David’s beer review project

    The Secret Life of Bosses - story about David in the Sydney Morning Herald


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  3. Амоконф 2019 — Артемий Лебедев (сами знаете кто) | Amoconf 2019, Москва, 13 марта

    Полная запись выступления дизайнера Артемия Лебедева на Amoconf 2019.

    #amoconf #amoconf2019 #амоконф #амоконф2019

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  4. Louis CK New Set 2019 (Louis CK leaked set 2019)

    Louis CK 2019 New Set. Louis CK comeback. Louis CK leaked set 2019. Louis CK is back. New stand up full set comedy show.

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  5. The BoardGameGeek Show — 1 March 2019

    Join Lincoln Damerst, Beth Heile, W. Eric Martin for The BoardGameGeek Show for 1 March 2019. This episode was recorded at the Festival International des Jeux 2019 on February 24, 2019.

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  6. Sharp Football Analysis

    Warren Sharp (@SharpFootball) of and Evan Silva (@EvanSilva) of fill a jam packed episode with takeaways and insights from the 2018 NFL draft, a huge personnel accomplishment, newly released NFL season win totals, a deep dive into strength of schedule and more.

    0:00:00 – Intro

    0:07:11 – 2018 NFL Draft Thoughts

    0:21:50 – Big Deal

    0:32:30 – Dumb Teams do Dumb Things

    0:39:50 – Win Totals

    0:52:17 – Strength of Schedule

    1:10:36 – Wrap-up

    You don’t want to miss it!

    Be sure to check out (on your desktop) for the advanced, visualized Strength of Schedule, the Sharp Box Score and other data tools.

    Subscribe on iTunes and listen below:

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  7. Santa Fe, New Mexico - February 23-24 2019. 04 - Healer’s instructions - 2019

    Santa Fe, New Mexico February 23-24, 2019 Lee Carroll - Marilyn Harper - Dr. Amber Wolf

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  8. On a vu l’avenir, voilà ce qu’il va se passer en 2019…

    On s’est dit qu’après avoir fait un bilan on allait jouer au jeu des pronostics en essayant de deviner un peu ce qui ferait l’actu cool et branchée de l’année qui arrive.

    Cinéma, internet, réseaux sociaux, etc. On a invité Adrien Menielle, Florent Bernard et Leperave pour regarder dans notre boule de crystal avec nous…

    Pour que ce soit un peu plus facile a regarder, on vous a fait des chapitres pour rejoindre directement une catégorie :

    2:07 - Quel réseaux social va mourir ?

    9:44 - On invente l’appli de 2019 !

    12:54 - A quoi va ressembler le youtube de l’année ?

    22:21 - Cinéma : on trouve le pitch de la comédie Française problématique de 2019

    30:58 - Le podcast va t-il devenir mainstream ?

    35:18 - Les nouveau mème…

    · Adrien sur le web : · Léopold sur Youtube : · La chaîne de Florent Bernard :

    · Abonnez-vous : · Suivez-nous sur Facebook : · Et sur Twitter :

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  9. How The Catholic Church Documented Mother Teresa’s 2 Miracles : Parallels : NPR

    A cancer patient and a coma victim credit her for their recovery. "You have to accept that there are things that science cannot explain," says an atheist physician who’s investigated miracle stories.

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  10. Weekend: Coma Summer

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