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  1. An All-Volunteer Squad Of Farmers Is Turning Florida Lawns Into Food : The Salt : NPR

    Perfectly manicured lawns are a bit of an obsession in Florida. But one Florida man is working on a project that’s turning his neighbors’ lawns into working farms.


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  2. Get best service from credit repair companies in Florida

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  3. How Florida Became Gun Paradise | The New Yorker

    Marion Hammer, an N.R.A. lobbyist, made Florida a testing ground for a new wave of pro-gun laws, and got officials at the highest levels of state government do her bidding.

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  4. In Florida, Registering Voters A Whole New Game : NPR

    Florida’s new election law includes tough restrictions on groups that conduct voter registration drives. The rules are forcing those groups to change tactics, and appear to be having an impact on the number of people registering to vote in November’s general election.

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  5. Marco Rubio To Run For Reelection To Florida Senate Seat : NPR

    Sen. Marco Rubio announced Wednesday he will run for reelection to his Florida seat. The one-time Republican presidential candidate pledged not to run again but has reconsidered. The Florida seat is considered a competitive one for the GOP in an election cycle in which the party’s control of the Senate could be in jeopardy.

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  6. The Appeal Of Florida, Land Of Storms : NPR

    Mary Louise Kelly talks with Michael Grunwald, Politico Magazine writer and author of The Swamp: The Everglades, Florida, and the Politics of Paradise, about why people want to live in Florida.

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  7. ‘Last Gasp’ To Save The Florida Grasshopper Sparrow From Extinction : NPR

    A tiny bird called the Florida grasshopper sparrow is on the brink of extinction. Fewer than 150 are believed to remain in the wild.

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  8. Conversation with Richard Florida, author, urban studies theorist

    In this episode, Paul talks with Richard Florida, delving into themes Florida discusses in his new book, The Great Reset. They talked about the cultural, economic and geographic factors influencing innovative time periods and places. They also wrestled with topics like: "Should cities be allowed to fail?" and "Why are college towns such hotbeds of innovation?"

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  9. #846: Ungerrymandering Florida — Planet Money

    When Florida outlawed partisan gerrymandering, politicians tried to sneak it back in…in disguise.

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  10. Climate Change Has Raised The Sea Level And Pushed Salt Water To Contaminate The Florida Everglades : NPR

    Rising sea levels put extra pressure on coastal bedrock in South Florida. Eventually, as seawater moves in, it could contaminate plants on the surface and the region’s stores of fresh water beneath.

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