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  1. New Books Network: Christopher I. Beckwith

    In Warriors of the Cloisters: The Central Asian Origins of Science in the Medieval World (Princeton University Press, 2012), Christopher I. Beckwith gives us a rare window into the global movements of medieval science. Science can be characterized not by its content, but instead by its methodology. Starting from this premise, Beckwith focuses on a crucial part of this methodology, the recursive argument method. Developed among Central Asian Buddhist scholars, the recursive method was transmitted along with other core elements of medieval science (including the institution of the college) to Muslims in Central Asia, and from there to medieval Western Europe. Beckwith’s analysis of this transformation is based on a deep knowledge of disputational texts in many languages, and integrates archaeological evidence in a compelling account of the spatial and institutional relationships of the college, the European cloister, the Islamic madrasa, and the Central Asian vihara. The story of Warriors of the Cloisters ranges widely across India, Tibet, China, and Greco-Roman antiquity, while focusing on a Central Asian context that has largely been absent from global histories of science. It is an important contribution to what will hopefully become an emerging new field of scholarship on Central Asian science, medicine, and technology. Enjoy!

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  2. Speaking of Faith: China’s Hidden Spiritual Landscape

    Speaking of Faith 4-8-2010 A parallel story to the ubiquitous news of China’s economy and politics. With scholar and filmmaker Mayfair Yang, we learn about the ancient and reemerging traditions of reverence and ritual — revealing background to its approach to Tibet. And, we explore the irony that the Chinese state gleaned some of dismissive, modern ideas about religion from the West.

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  3. Radiowest:

    From Radiowest, an interview of Heather Armstrong, who runs a popular blog at Interesting for lots of reasons - lots of talk about successful blogging and writing, and lots of talk about Heather’s life.

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  4. Radiowest: Fingerprints of God

    In 1995, NPR reporter Barbara Bradley Hagerty had an intense religious experience. That’s really not all that surprising - more than half of all Americans believe they have had an experience with God. But the journalist had to know more. She had to find out if it was genuine or just a figment of her imagination. Hagerty is in Utah, and she joins Doug to explain what science can teach us about God and spirituality.


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