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  1. Radiowest: The Man Who Loved Books Too Much

    What would drive you to steal? Hunger? Greed? For John Charles Gilkey, it’s a sort of love that led him to his crimes. Gilkey is obsessed with books and stole them to satisfy his lust. The journalist Allison Hoover Bartlett has just published a book about Gilkey, and about Utah’s own self-described "bibliodick" Ken Sanders, who hunted the thief plaguing his trade. Bartlett joins Doug to talk about the romance of books and the lengths some will go to possess them.

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  2. Radiowest:

    From Radiowest, an interview of Heather Armstrong, who runs a popular blog at Interesting for lots of reasons - lots of talk about successful blogging and writing, and lots of talk about Heather’s life.

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