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  1. After a Lean Winter by David Farland

    From MECHMUSE Audio Magazine

    Author’s Comments —

    "I have to thank Kevin Anderson for inspiring this story. I had been asked to work as something of an agent a few years ago, bringing projects in for a small publisher in Salt Lake, Gibb-Smith Publishing. Kevin pitched the idea of doing an anthology of short stories based around the idea that in 1895, when the "War of the Worlds" took place, we got the story from only one point of view—that of H.G. Wells. However, many other writers were living at the time in far-flung reaches of the world, and he wondered, what would their takes on the story have been?

    "I loved the idea, and immediately knew that I wanted to do Jack London. My father, Jack Wolverton, had been a huge fan of his work and used to read me stories when I was a child. He loved it so much, that he moved to Alaska just before I was born and wanted to relocate our family there. But my mother made him come back to a warmer climate. And as soon as I considered doing a Jack London story in the frozen north—well, I knew what the twist would be.

    "Kevin lined up dozens of wonderful writers, and the anthology was tremendously successful. Several authors wrote stories that ended up competing on the awards ballots, including this one." (David Farland)

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