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  1. Speaking of Faith: Asteroids, Stars, and the Love of God

    Speaking of Faith 4-1-2010 We explore life, faith, and the universe with two astronomers who study the composition of meteorites and the life and death of stars. Brother Guy Consolmagno is curator of meteorites at the Vatican Observatory. Father George Coyne is director emeritus and president of the Vatican Observatory Foundation. They are both Jesuits, and both have asteroids named after them.

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  2. Speaking of Faith: Unedited interview of Br. Guy Consolmagno and Fr. George Coyne

    Speaking of Faith 4-1-2010 Krista’s unedited conversation with Br. Guy Consolmagno and Fr. George Coyne, two astronomers who work at the Vatican Observatory. She spoke with him using a broadcast-quality telephone connection on February 24, 2010. Krista was in the studios of American Public Media in St. Paul, Minnesota, and they were in the studios of KUAZ in Tucson, Arizona. This interview is included in our program "Asteroids, Stars, and the Love of God" and originally podcast in April 2010. Download the mp3 of the produced show at

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