Philosophy, Fantasy, and Science Fiction: Introduction to the Series (lecture 1)

This is the first session in a new series of monthly lectures and discussions by Gregory B. Sadler, spanning the year 2016 and hosted by the Brookfield Public Library. This year the series focuses on philosophical themes in the works and world of selected classic and contemporary fantasy and science fiction authors.

We begin the series by examining the genres of science fiction and fantasy. We then discuss central fields in philosophy and how they can illuminate key themes in literature. After that, we turn to main elements of narrative, and focus in on the worlds that successful narrative works create. I also provide an overview of the series as a whole.

4:55 - motivations for creating this series

8:00 - the genres of science fiction and fantasy

23:12 - introducing philosophy to the conversation

39:21 - elements of narrative, the issue of world-building, and philosophical themes

59:56 - Q&A and wrapping up

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