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  1. The Avett Brothers Perform ‘Give Me Love, Give Me Peace On Earth’

    The Avett Brothers chose this George Harrison song, a message of hope and unity, to play for the Late Show audience on Inauguration Day.

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  2. Stranger Things Soundtrack - Main Theme (Extended)

    Interested in music like this? Check out this soundcloud playlist I've created! Lots of great synthwave artists and songs to be heard:

    Other info about this track and other synthwave related stuff:

    Ever since hearing this theme on Netflix as it automatically played on my PS4 system, I had to hear it again. I also wanted to play it out, because that's what I do best when I come across new music that I love. I figured I'd share the wealth and put together a 10+ minute extended version of the track.

    This extended version blends the intro credits score with the outro credits score. There are subtle differences. The intro theme plays in conjunction with the animated text sequence. The black screen parts of the video, in general, are the outro theme.

    Music composed by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein. Intro sequence designed by Imaginary Forces.

    I do not own any rights to the video or music. If asked to pull down the video, I will do so. Just in case that happens, enjoy this while it lasts!

    Soundcloud link to this song:

    One song that I absolutely love that you can find on soundcloud and Youtube would be Perturbator - Vile World. If you like darker synthwave/80s synth, you'll probably love this:


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  3. Dare to disagree

    Most people instinctively avoid conflict, but as Margaret Heffernan shows us, good disagreement is central to progress. She illustrates (sometimes counterintuitively) how the best partners aren’t echo chambers — and how great research teams, relationships and businesses allow people to deeply disagree.

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  4. MaxFunCon: Merlin Mann on Doing Creative Work; The Sound of Young America | Maximum Fun

    He doesn't fully grasp what the seduction community is about, but there is truth in what he says.

    For example, the Mystery Method fully deserves to be crapped upon and one can empathize with Merlin even if one doesn't agree with him wholesale.

    He's an insightful guy, if you cut him some slack on this topic.

    The "community" can handle it, really.

    And let's be honest: most guys in the "community" are bumbling fools who don't understand the first thing about real self-improvement—even if there are exceptions.

    Anyway, Merlin's thesis remains valid.

    It doesn't require tearing down others; he just chose to dismantle his own (somewhat true) concept of the "community" to illustrate what to do better.

    That's what we should all be focusing on anyway: how can I do better?

    How can you?

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