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  1. What are the cheap accommodation options in Tokyo

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    Crouched together Al Fresco style, clutching a can of lager and a carton of pretentious Sweedish smooth, Chris and Greg broadcast to you episode #7 of the Tokyo Cheapo podcast! In this issue we drill into the cheapo accommodation options in Tokyo for short, mid and long term.

    Mentioned in this podcast

    Cheapo eats: Maguro Ichiba, see here for some Tokyo locations

    Our Al Fresco tip:

    Accommodation Options:Cheapo hotels and hostels

    Monthly mansions: Leo Palace, Sakura HouseUR – avoid ridiculous housing costs

    And for sharing an apartment check out

    Advance International, contact Rob or phone 03-3421-5855

    Cheapo Anniversary Celebration:

    We’ll be having a get together, catching the last of the hanami in yoyogi park Sat 30th of March, see here for event details on facebook

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    About The Author

    Chris Kirkland

    So you want to get the most out of Tokyo on a budget? Well you are in safe hands.

    Being of British roots Chris has a natural instinct for being a complete cheap arse and spending as little money as possible. Add to this, his favourite chat up line is "Can you buy me a drink" (which has actually worked on a number of occassions) and if that wasn’t enough already, he run’s another blog called - a true cheapo!

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    Cheap Hotels & Hostels In Tokyo

     More Tokyo hotels

    Khaosan World Hostel

    Asakusa, from $17

    Centurion Hotel Grand Akasaka

    Akasaka, from $98

    First Inn Kyobashi

    Kyobashi, from $33

    Keiunso Hotel

    Shinjuku, from $54

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