Unlearning Everything You Know About Business with David Heinemeier Hansson

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  1. Best of: Unlearning Everything You Know About Business with David Heinemeier Hansson » Unmistakable Creative

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    Business has adapted and evolved over the decades, and practices that were considered successful even just 10 years ago aren’t necessarily the best practices for now. David Heinemeier Hansson learned this while in business school, and he began the process of creating his own business practices from scratch. Hear his story, why he broke free from the norm, and how it led to the major success he’s had now.

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    David Heinemeier Hansson is the creator of Ruby on Rails, founder & CTO at Basecamp (formerly 37signals), best-selling author, Le Mans class-winning racing driver, public speaker, hobbyist photographer, and family man.


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  2. Audioboo / Srini Rao on Being Unmistakably Creative

    Srini Rao has created an amazing podcast called The Unmistakable Creative and written the best-selling book The Art of Being Unmistakable.

    He shares his wisdom on how to live a life of passion and how to stand out from the crowd.

    Listen to his amazingly eclectic podcasts here



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  3. Unmistakable Creative Podcast - Lucy Bellwood: Defining Creative Success

    About this episode

    What is creative success? For Lucy Bellwood, there is no singular, one definition for that success. For her, it’s a nebulous thing that is different for nearly everyone. Some view it as financial success while others view it as peace of mind. Hear her story about growing up in an immigrant culture, her adventures on the sea, and her role as a cartoonist in our latest episode!

    Lucy Bellwood is an adventurous cartoonist-for-hire working out of Helioscope in Portland, Oregon. She is the creator of Baggywrinkles: a Lubber’s Guide to Life at Sea and likes making comics about boats.


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  4. Joe Brown: The Power of Purpose » Unmistakable Creative

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    The word “purpose” gets used a lot in the modern day. But so few people have done the research behind that word to truly know what finding it actually means. Joe Brown has done that work, and he has the results to back it up. Hear his story about how “purpose” can radically change your life and help you become more productive at work, in your relationships, and more!

    Joe Brown leads teams in designing new products & services and helps companies build the muscles to do that work themselves. He is a senior design lead and business designer at IDEO and his one and only patent is for a frozen novelty dessert.


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  5. The Old Reader interview

    This interview was recorded the week after Google announced the death of beloved feed parsing app, Google Reader. The headlines regarding Reader’s demise have been predictably and wonderfully hyperbolic.

    Elena Bulygina and Anton Tolchanov, two of the three co-founders of The Old Reader, help us make sense of a post-Google Reader world.

    Props to @ChazFrench for his help in understanding the true power of the old Google reader.

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  6. Allen Brouwer: Becoming Your Best Self » Unmistakable Creative

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    Allen Brouwer grew up with an alcoholic father and lost his mother to cancer at a young age. He was directionless in his youth, but he was able to overcome the obstacles life threw at him and partnered with a friend to create the successful SELF Journal. Hear his story and what he believes are the keys for everyone to become their best selves in our latest episode!

    Skillshare – Skillshare is giving Unmistakable Creative listeners a month of unlimited access — absolutely FREE! Go to www.skillshare.com/create to redeem your free month.

    Allen Brouwer is the co-founder of BestSelf.Co, a creative marketer, and a scale and growth mentor.


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