Smashing Podcast Episode 21 With Chris Ferdinandi: Are Modern Best Practices Bad For The Web? — Smashing Magazine

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  1. ‘A bit of Capability Brown’ with Sean Johnson and Drew McLellan | Unfinished Business

    I know. I know! It’s been far too long since episode 117. But fret no more, Unfinished Business fans, we’re back and back for good, every two weeks with some brilliant guests and some good old fashioned conversations. This week, I’m joined by Sean Johnson and Drew McLellan to talk fat and fitness, cruises and coach trips.

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  2. McLellan laments the amount of talented players who will never consider coaching

    The Kings coach Todd McLellan, chats about what his life has been like since the COVID-19 outbreak, what led to his club's turnaround in the final weeks of play, his path to leading an NHL bench, working with Joe Thornton, if he foresaw Bruce Boudreau being a coach during their time together as players, if he foresees any of his players becoming coaches, if he's ever coached anyone like Drew Doughty before, and the toughness of his 1986-87 Saskatoon Blades squad.

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  3. Smashing Podcast Episode 24 With Cassie Evans: What Is SVG Animation? — Smashing Magazine

    We’re talking about SVG Animation. How can vector images, JavaScript and CSS all work together to provide engaging motion graphics? Drew McLellan talks to SVG expert Cassie Evans to find out.

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  4. Smashing Podcast Episode 4 With Heydon Pickering: What Are Inclusive Components? — Smashing Magazine

    In this episode of the Smashing Podcast, we’re talking about Inclusive Components. What does it mean to be inclusive, or a component? And what has that got to do with accessibility? Drew McLellan talks to Smashing author Heydon Pickering to find out.

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    Perch CMS started as a side project for creator Drew McLellan—find out how it morphed into his full-time product! We discuss the difference between client and product work, Perch's design and development, how they altered the product based on feedback, priorities for support and documentation, as well as its future for third-party development. Also: Perch Runway—what is it?!

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  6. McLellan: Amazing experience coaching Team North America

    Todd McLellan was originally skeptical about the inclusion of a North American team at the 2016 World Cup of Hockey. However, once the tournament got underway, McLellan experienced emotion similar to that of winning the Stanley Cup.

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