Episode 5: Karen Sandler and Software Freedom Conservancy — Libre Lounge

In their first interview, Chris and Serge interview Karen Sandler, Executive Director of Software Freedom Conservancy, Founder of Outreachy, and co-host of the Free as in Freedom podcast.Show Links:Software Freedom Conservancy (sfconservancy.org)Become a Software Freedom Conservancy Supporter! (sfconservancy.org)Free as in Freedom (faif.us)Git’s Email from Karen (public-inbox.org)Gender Patch Study (livescience.com)Dark Hands and Soap Dispenders (mic.com)Audio from Software Freedom with Karen Sandler and Molly de Blanc at HOPE (hope.net)Video from Introduction to User Freedom at Debconf (youtube)The "Printer Story" (fsf)Ledger (the accounting system used by Conservancy) (ledger-cli.org)Beancount (the accounting system Conservnacy is considering) (furius.ca)Plain Text Accounting (plaintextaccounting.org)Gandi (the domain registrar that supports Conservancy) (gandi.net)