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  1. Episode 10: FOSDEM, CopyleftConf and Spritely — Libre Lounge

    Chris and Serge are back from FOSDEM and CopyleftConf. Chris has a grant to work on an exciting new ActivityPub application and the dynamic duo talk about recursive compilation and Lisp without parentheis.Links:FOSDEM 2019 ( 2019 ( is awarded the Samsung Stack Zero Grant ( ( Guiler’s Year of Racket ( panel ( Mes ( with wisp (

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  2. Episode 5: Karen Sandler and Software Freedom Conservancy — Libre Lounge

    In their first interview, Chris and Serge interview Karen Sandler, Executive Director of Software Freedom Conservancy, Founder of Outreachy, and co-host of the Free as in Freedom podcast.Show Links:Software Freedom Conservancy ( a Software Freedom Conservancy Supporter! ( as in Freedom (’s Email from Karen ( Patch Study ( Hands and Soap Dispenders ( from Software Freedom with Karen Sandler and Molly de Blanc at HOPE ( from Introduction to User Freedom at Debconf (youtube)The "Printer Story" (fsf)Ledger (the accounting system used by Conservancy) ( (the accounting system Conservnacy is considering) ( Text Accounting ( (the domain registrar that supports Conservancy) (

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  3. Thematically Independent Web Play in new window | Download | EmbedSubscribe: Android | Google Podcasts | RSSZak and Certus talk about a group of people that are trying to blog independently together, a certain congressperson who seems to not hold the values of their constituents (with a very special guest), and totally running out of time and not talking about our semesterly themes.



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  4. Porn: a Love Story — Inkubator New Works Development Laboratory

    Porn: a Love Story

    by Jen Diamond, playwright from Inkubator On Air, Cohort One.

    Featuring Thais Menendez as Alice, Chloe Mikala as Lola, Da’Von T. Moody as Elliot, and Ezra Tozian as Internet Cohort One Playwrights: Caitlin M Caplinger, Jen Diamond, Anna-Claire McGrath, Nell Quinn-Gibney, Alex Re

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  5. WBAI no jails

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  6. The Weekly Review - 39: A Very Long Story, With Special Guest Rosemary Orchard

    We have a special guest this week, Rosemary Orchard, co-author of Build Your OmniFocus Workflow. Rosemary was inspired to create a task management system that worked the way she wanted it to, thanks to by her school experience with planners and a little website called 43 Folders.

    Special event! Rosemary and her Automators co-host David Sparks will be attending PodCon in Seattle January 19-20, and they are organizing an Automators meetup. James and Jean will be attending too!

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  7. Micro Monday - Episode 42: A New Year’s Eve Retrospective

    This year, New Year’s Eve falls on a Monday. It’s a good time to reflect on the past year, and in that spirit, this episode is a short retrospective of our first 10 episodes. If you’re new to the podcast, here’s a great starting point.

    Links to the episodes excerpted

    1: Manton Reece

    2: Christine Lane

    3: Scott Yoshinaga

    4: Patrick Rhone

    5: Kitt Hodsden

    6: Jonathan Hays

    7: Rosemary Orchard

    8: Sergio Ruiz

    9: Jess Nickelsen

    10: Sarena Ho


    Tagged with 10 episodes

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  8. The Weekly Review - 37: We Are Doing This For All Eternity

    As the year 2018 draws to a close, Jean and James decide to take a week off from worrying about the state of their inboxes as they look ahead to plans for the New Year. We look at the efficacy of resolutions and when is really the best time to resolve to do better. (Spoiler alert: January 1st isn’t the best date.)

    On both of our calendars: to continue doing The Weekly Review Podcast. See you in 2019!

    On our 2019 Calendars

    PodCon, January 19-20

    dotSwift, January 28

    Gallifrey One, February 15-17

    Live NEAR WWDC, June 2019

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  9. IndieWebCamp Berlin 2018 Session Summaries

    Listen to a summary of all the sessions at IndieWebCamp Berlin 2018! Session notes:

    Narration by Marty McGuire ( Edited by Aaron Parecki (

    This is a repost of

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  10. 26: Chill Out and Listen with Brad Frost | React Podcast

    Brad Frost is the author of Atomic Design, renowned speaker, and consulting designer. Chantastic asks him about his recent experience learning React and the difficulty he found entering the realm of React. They talk about team communication, developing portable solutions, organizational therapy through design, and creating a virtuous cycle between product, design, development, and systems creating. They address the challenges of learning UI design in an industry being consumed by JavaScript, the importance of listening and the value of finding nuance in communication.

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