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  1. Micro Monday - Episode 27: @vasta

    Today we feature a chat with Sameer Vasta, “an avid letterwriter, an avid pedestrian, and an avid reader.” We talk about his work in employee experience for the government of Ontario, and his thoughts on language and civility in online communities, including

    Episode 27: @vasta Transcript

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  2. Trial of Descent into Midnight. Episode 0: Character and Setting Creation – The Rpg Academy

    Hello and welcome to the Trial of Descent into Midnight a soon to be Kickstartering RPG from the minds of Richard Kreutz-Landry ( @rkreutzlandry ), Rich Howard ( @Umbralwalker ) and Taylor LeBresh ( @leviathanfiles ).

    In this episode, Richard our GM, leads myself (@TheRpgAcademy), The Caleb G (@TheCalebG) and Scott (@Geowtf) through character and setting creation.

    Find more info about the game and its creators at


    Find them on Twitter: @DiMRPG

    Check out their Kickstarter when it goes live on February 15th HERE


    Comments and Feedback are always welcome.



    E-mail us at TheRpgAcademy/Gmail.

    Follow us on twitter @TheRpgAcademy

    Visit our Facebook Page

    Join our Google+ Community Page at: The RPG Academy

    Support our show by becoming a Patron at www.Patreon.Com/TheRpgAcademy 

    The music used during our intro and outro is a modified version of Fly a Kite by Spectacular Sound Productions  Used under the Creative commons Attribution-shareAlike License.

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  3. ‎Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone: Episode 78: We’re Dying Up Here! on Apple Podcasts

    ‎Paula and Adam explore their inevitable demises with mortician/activist Caitlin Doughty. Also we open our mailbag, and test Advantage Rubber Bands’ claim that they “hold our world together.”


    Caitlin Doughty

    Mortician, Activist & Author


    Instagram: @thegooddeath


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  4. Core Intuition » Episode 405: Certainly Less Than One Percent

    A podcast about indie software development for the Mac, iOS and other Apple technologies.

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  5. Micro Monday - 78: Amanda Rush, aka @arush

    This week’s guest, Amanda Rush is a web developer and accessibility practitioner who loves to cook and read. She also loves the IndieWeb movement and Of her own blog, she says:

    I want to own all my content and have control over it, and to that end I am constantly updating this site so that it contains as much of my data as possible from any silo I may have an account on. I decided to start doing this when I finally got tired of all the curated timeline nonsense and the social media design element that encourages us to be horrible to each other online for clicks.

    We talk about what drew her to IndieWeb practices (spoiler alert: webmentions), and what she recommends to folks without

    tech experience who want to try out the Indieweb (another spoiler alert:


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  6. 317: What Do You Mean by Disintegrated? — Embedded

    We were joined in the studio by the

    Evil Mad Scientists

    Lenore Edman ( @1lenore ) and Windell Oskay ( @oskay ).

    Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories ( @EMSL ) produces the disintegrated

    555 Timer kit


    741 Op-Amp  kit . These were made in conjunction with Eric Schlaepfer, who also create


    Tagged with seaweed

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  7. Core Intuition » Episode 404: We’re Never Doing This Ever

    A podcast about indie software development for the Mac, iOS and other Apple technologies.

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  8. Ep 021 - PragerU with Becca Lewis

    Racism, sexism, classism, rich people standing in front of bad graphics that somehow cost $30k each? Of course we’re talking about one of conservative’s top propagandists, Prager University!

    This week, Becca Lewis joins us to discuss Dennis Prager, PragerU, and how the right wing weaponizes SEO and YouTube algorithms to propagandize those vulnerable to it.

    Original video:
    Downloaded by on Tue Jan 7 21:11:08 2020 Available for 30 days after download

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  9. Microcast #081 – Anarchy, Federation, and the IndieWeb | Doug Belshaw’s Thought Shrapnel

    Happy New Year! It’s good to be back. This week’s microcast answers a question from John Johnston about federation and the IndieWeb.

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  10. This Week in Tech 749 At Least She Double Bagged It

    This Week’s StoriesMac Pro: only 1/3rd the cost of a banana duct-taped to a wallApple TV+ gets its first Golden Globe award nominationAirPods make Apple $4 billion/quarterHere’s ho…

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