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  1. OAuth, “It’s complicated.” with Aaron Parecki (The Changelog #456) |> Changelog

    Today we’re joined by Aaron Parecki, co-founder of IndieWebCamp and maintainer of, for a deep dive on the state of OAuth 2.0 and what’s next in OAuth 2.1. We cover the complications of OAuth, RFCs like Proof Key for Code Exchange, also known as PKCE, OAuth for browser-based apps, and next generation specs lik…

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  2. The Long and Surprising History of ‘Teaching Machines’

    People don’t talk much today about early teaching machines, some of which were made out of wood and brass. And that’s no accident, according to Audrey Watters, a longtime critical observer of edtech who is out with a new book called Teaching Machines: The History of Personalized Learning. On this episode, we’re dusting off these old teaching machines from all the way back to the 1920s, to see what these low-tech devices can teach us about education today.

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  3. Websites? Wobsites. Wibsits! – Lucy Bellwood

    This is broadly a discussion about websites and trying to be yourself on the internet, but we also managed to talk about The Muppets, book design, 1970s British television, generative poetry, and at least two types of cheese.

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  4. Sustain Episode 59: Jenn Schiffer on Satire, Coding, Why Teaching OSS Is Super Important

    About this Episode


    Eric Berry | Justin Dorfman | Richard Littauer


    Jenn Schiffer

    Show Notes

    Hello and welcome to Sustain! Our special guest today is Jenn Schiffer, Director of Community at Glitch. Today, we will learn all about how cool Glitch really is and it’s free!

    Also, they are one of the first platforms that let you view source of server-side code.


    tells us her internet humor variety show called “Hoobastank2 on Twitch, why she started her satire blog post on Medium when she entered the tech industry, how Glitch is used in the academic areas, and how licensing and sharing should be better communicated in schools. Download this episode to find out more!

    [00:01:05] Jenn tells us all about what Glitch is.

    [00:02:11] Richard wonders if this is largely for art projects and is there any functional code that’s being used to run businesses on Glitch.

    [00:04:45] Jenn talks about having live code on Glitch. We also learn about her internet humor variety show called “Hoobastank2 on Twitch.

    [00:07:39] Jenn tells us about when she entered the tech industry, teaching computer science, working at NBA, rude blog comments about women in tech, writing satire blog posts on Medium, and “gotchas.”

    [00:12:11] We find out about the archetype of the users of Glitch. Also, we learn about using Glitch in the academic area, Girls Who Code, and artists and entertainers bringing their exhibitions to Glitch virtually since they can’t run in person safely right now.

    [00:18:21] Richard wonders if there are any difficulties in using Glitch, how is it hard to use Glitch, and what could be better for teaching open source in general. Jenn shares when she was first introduced to open source.

    [00:24:50] Justin brings up a point about licensing in open source and not understanding the license and how it should be better communicated in schools in terms of sharing, and Jenn shares her view.

    [00:31:43] Jenn lets us know where we can find her on the web.


    [00:32:50] Justin’s spotlight is

    [00:33:50] Eric’s spotlights are The Spaghetti Detective and Thingiverse.

    [00:36:05] Richard’s spotlight is Jim Kang and his website

    [00:36:54] Jenn’s spotlight is the jQuery Project.


    [00:07:39] “So around the time Medium had started, 2013(ish), whatever, I just entered actually the tech industry, because I was in Academia, teaching computer science, and I was like, now I want to build computer science.”

    [00:08:10] “The way that people try to prove that women in tech don’t belong there are with gotchas, like pointing things out that they think are wrong, or maybe they are wrong because we’re not allowed to be wrong.”

    [00:16:34] “We’re seeing a lot of artists and entertainers that are realizing because of the pandemic and quarantine that they have to think of new, virtual ways to bring their art to the masses.”

    [00:19:27] “I’ve had a lot of really interesting conversations with a lot of young developers who are in high school, with Discord exploding there are so many gamers that are learning to code because they’re building bots for Discord.”


    Jen Schiffer Linkedin

    Jen Schiffer Twitter


    Hoobastank2 on Twitch

    Hoobastank2 on Twitch Twitter

    Livelaugh Blog

    Girls Who Code


    The Spaghetti Detective


    Eric Berry Twitter


    Smidgeo Twitter



    Produced by Richard Littauer

    Edited by Paul M. Bahr at Peachtree Sound

    Show notes by DeAnn Bahr at Peachtree Sound

    Support Sustain

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  5. 220 – Stop Techno Dystopia! (w/ Cory Doctorow) – srsly wrong

    Our rapid technological progress comes with many wonderful–and many horrifying–potentials. Politicians and businessmen seem determined to steer our society towards the horrifying. 

    Author and Journalist Cory Doctorow joins the Wrong Boys to help us understand the encroaching tech dystopia, and what we need to focus on to steer back towards the wonderful, liberatory potential of tech.

    Theme song by DJ Matt Hogan

    Cory’s new book Attack Surface is out now you can find all his books at

    Support Srsly Wrong on Patreon! Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS

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