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  1. Seeking Wisdom in Extreme Solitude (Robert Kull at Shrink Rap Radio)

    Years after a motorcycle accident left him with one leg, Bob Kull traveled to a remote island in the Patagonia wilderness with supplies to live completely alone for a year. He sought to explore the effects of deep solitude on the body and mind and to find answers to the spiritual questions that had plagued him his entire life. With only a cat and his thoughts as companions, he wrestled with inner storms while the wild forces of nature raged around him. The physical challenges were immense, but the struggles of mind and spirit pushed him to the limits of human endurance.

    Dr. Kull has spent years wandering North and South America, working as a scuba instructor, wilderness guide, construction worker, dishwasher, truck driver, bartender, painter, firefighter, and professor. He began undergraduate studies at age forty and now holds a Ph.D. from the University of British Columbia.

    He lives in Vancouver. You can visit him online at http://www.bobkull.org.

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  2. Alone (Robert Kull at Tapestry)

    Back in the 1970s, Robert Kull was, as he puts it, a "hard-ass macho" logger. Then one night, he walked into the forest, lay down in the moss, and felt peace for the first time. That forest experience changed his life. It also led him to a year of self-imposed solitude. Robert Kull lived on a remote island off the coast of Chile for a year. The nearest town was 200 kilometers away, by water. Mary Hynes speaks to Robert Kull about his book Solitude: Seeking Wisdom in Extremes.

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  3. Language and Meaning: An Ojibwe Story [Speaking of Faith® from American Public Media]

    Treuer, in this, is the representative of the Ojibwe, but already while listening, I wondered how an Indian and his brother can have such German sounding names. And it turns out that they are the sons of a holocaust survivor from Austria. That aspect is no touched upon during the program, but can be found in the uncut version of Krista Tippett’s interview with David Treuer

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  4. Norman Centuries | A Norman History Podcast by Lars Brownworth

    Here we meet Rollo, the Viking that was the fear of the north of France just has other Vikings were of other shores of north-western Europe. They raided the rich coasts with their ships, but since these ships had little depth, they also sailed up rivers. Rollo made it as far as Paris, that he besieged at least twice. The emperor hoped to buy him off by giving him land, Normandy, and making him into a vassal. We have little doubt the Normans were not really subdued after that.

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  5. New Books In History » Interview with Malcolm Rohrbough

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  6. New Books In History » Interview with Brett Whalen

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  7. LSE podcast - Natural Resource Management

    Professor Paul Collier speaks of natural resource management and eloquently builds the argument how this should go about. Many of the natural resources in underdeveloped countries are still not discovered. It is reasonable to assume they are there and in that rspect they form an excellent ticket out of poverty. But in order to prevent that other should profit and not the country and its population, these resources need to be carefully searched for, sold, exploited, taxed and the money properly invested.

    Be aware that the first 16 minutes of the podcast are spent on welcoming and other ceremonial talk that pertain the conference rather than the specific talk. My advice is to skip them.

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  8. The New York Review of Books - David Cole

    Lawyer David Cole was interviewed on the subject of lawyers who authorize torture. About the subject he also wrote an article in the NYT called The Torture Memo. He refers to memo’s that came from lawyers who informed the Bush administration how they could legally use enhanced interrogation techniques (a euphemism for torture) or alternately use them and avoid being called to defend the use in court. These memos have been secret until recently, but bit by bit are becoming public only now, thanks to legislation under the Obama administration.

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  9. Rear Vision - The Middle East conflict and the two-state solution

    The program Rear Vision of Australia’s ABC which is also available as podcast, had three guests to speak on The Middle East conflict and the two-state solution. Giora Eiland; former head of the Israeli National Security Council and General in the Israel General Staff. Jeremy Pressman; Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science, at the University of Connecticut in America. And Rashid Khalidi; Edward Said Professor of Arab Studies at Columbia University in America.

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  10. The Iran power struggle - LSE podcast

    The LSE Public Lectures and Events at the London School of Economics, in short the LSE podcast, is great series of guest lectures at the LSE, which are almost invariably worth listening in on. Subjects that are of great interest are being discussed by world specialists and responded to by an educated audience.

    Whether Hooman Majd, an Iranian journalist who lives in the US, is such a great specialist is something he actually shed doubt on in his own lecture The Ayatollah Begs to Differ - the path to an Islamic Democracy.

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