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  1. RC#153: Banana Ball

    Your hosts skip the pre-flight, then end up talking a little about preparing for a performance. Novelty sports experiments are considered.

    Following some corrections, self-analysis, and technological digression, Merlin's computer poops the bed. Covid considerations continue to interfere with life, and sometimes you have to fight your family's optimism a little.

    Merlin tries to use an analogy from a TV show, and John introduces the class to "The Plumber Problem."

    John has recently discovered a beloved artist's Patreon and highlights the influence of his work. It can feel pretty frustrating when the internet doesn't love someone or something as much as you do. Just remember, there are a lot of easy and inexpensive ways to let someone know what their work means to you.

    This episode of Reconcilable Differences is sponsored by:

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  2. ПОЛКИНО - 2016.10.28


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