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  1. Conversations with Tyler: Neal Stephenson on Depictions of Reality

    If you want to speculate on the development of tech, no one has a better brain to pick than Neal Stephenson. Across more than a dozen books, he’s created vast story worlds driven by futuristic technologies that have both prophesied and even provoked real-world progress in crypto, social networks, and the creation of the web itself. Though Stephenson insists he’s more often wrong than right, his technical sharpness has even led to a half-joking suggestion that he might be Satoshi Nakamoto, the shadowy creator of bitcoin. His latest novel, Fall; or, Dodge in Hell, involves a more literal sort of brain-picking, exploring what might happen when digitized brains can find a second existence in a virtual afterlife.

    So what’s the implicit theology of a simulated world? Might we be living in one, and does it even matter? Stephenson joins Tyler to discuss the book and more, including the future of physical surveillance, how clothing will evolve, the kind of freedom you could expect on a Mars colony, whether today’s media fragmentation is trending us towards dystopia, why the Apollo moon landings were communism’s greatest triumph, whether we’re in a permanent secular innovation starvation, Leibniz as a philosopher, Dickens and Heinlein as writers, and what storytelling has to do with giving good driving directions.

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  2. Cesar Rojo - Downtime Podcast

    Cesar Rojo is a great rider in his own right, but he’s also one of the key engineers in the world of modern mountain biking. Having been responsible for some of the most progressive designs of the time with Mondraker, Cesar has moved on to run a consultancy working for some top brands, and has also established his own brand Unno Bikes. Unno are creating some of the most beautiful high-end bikes available, but the detail goes beyond just the finished product, with great thought and care going into every step of the process. In this interview, we will talk to Cesar about his thoughts on bike geometry, testing, data acquisition, timing vs feel and comparisons between mountain biking and Moto GP and motocross.

    If you want to find out more about Unno, have a look at their webpage here

    Or their Instagram here @rideunno

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  3. Dr. Matthew Walker | The Secret to Improving Your Metabolism, Reaction Time and Longevity

    Through years of research and working with the world’s best athletes - Nike has learned greatness isn’t born, it’s trained. This podcast explores the cutting-edge of holistic fitness to help make you a better trainer and athlete. Listen to conversations with industry experts and discover the latest innovations, insights, and trends making the biggest impact on the training world.

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  4. Yoann Barelli – Injury, Photography, Addiction and More

    Our last episode with Yoann Barelli was super popular, so I thought it would be good to get him back on for a catch up. He’s had a tough start to the season with an unlucky knee injury putting him out for the rest of the year. So we chat about his season so far, the injury and journey to recovery, his photography, drug addiction, doping and much more. So hit play and enjoy catching up with the one and only Yoann Barelli.

    To find out more about Yoann, you can follow him on Instagram @yoannbarelli, or to see more of his photography, you can follow his @barelligraphy account. Yoann has also started a YouTube channel which you can find here.

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  5. Command Line Heroes: Season 3: Creating JavaScript

    A mission to set the course of the world wide web in its early days. 10 days to get it done. The result? An indispensable language that changed everything.


    Tagged with 10 days

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  6. TPM Episode 124: Brett Tippie, Godfather of Freeride

    Brett Tippie is a living legend. He’s one of the influential pioneers of freeride mountain biking, he was the first to absolutely send it on a bike, ride insane lines, and became the face of a sport. On the podcast we talk about being a pro snowboarder on Burton’s pro team, some amazing Craig Kelly stories, bikes, partying too hard, and coming back from that to sponsors and emcee gigs. This is a funny history lesson that you do not want to miss.

    Brett Tippie Show Notes:

    1:30: Traveling family man, meeting at Rampage

    5:00: Growing up moving, settling in Kamloops, and First Nation

    11:00: Football, School, and snowboarding

    17:00: Warren Miller and biking

    21:00: Stanley: Get 30% off site wide with the code powell30

    Evo: The best online experience in action sports with retail to back it up

    22:30: The bikes in the 80’s, and Craig Kelly

    34:00: Getting on the Burton Team, filming with Christian Begin, and Pulp Traction

    45:00 Spy Optic: Get 20% off on their site using the code TPM20

    10 Barrel Brewery: Buy their beers, they support action sports more than anyone

    46:30: Kranked, money, travel, and change

    50:00: Sending it, what is happening with snowboarding, and bike progression

    63:00: Partying, problems, digging himself out though love

    65:00: Tippie is back as an athlete and a personality

    68:00: Inappropriate Questions

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  7. Manipulating the YouTube Algorithm - (Part 1/3) Smarter Every Day 213

    My first video of a 3 part series on "coordinated inauthentic behavior". Thanks to ExpressVPN for sponsoring this series. Get 3 months free with 12-month plan at Click here if you’re interested in subscribing: ⇊ Click below for more links! ⇊

    Test your internet connection for leaks here: For third party research check out (

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GET SMARTER SECTION

    Renée Diresta is a Mozilla Fellow in Media, Misinformation, and Trust, where she researches unintended consequences of algorithms and works towards helping machines make better decisions. Renee also writes about disinformation and the changing face of information war — check out her essay “The Digital Maginot Line” ( — and is a contributor to Wired Ideas (

    Here are examples of some of the videos in question

    (Open these videos in incognito mode so you don’t mess up your algorithm.) - 298k views 8k views

    Original video:
    Downloaded by on Sun, 31 Mar 2019 21:44:16 GMT Available for 30 days after download

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  8. Tested - Adam Savage Interviews Andy Weir

    The Talking Room: Adam Savage Interviews Andy WeirBy Joey Fameli on June 12, 20153 CommentsTweetBy popular demand, an audio version of Adam Savage’s interview with author Andy Weir! Andy wrote ‘The Martian’, the story of an astronaut stranded on Mars—it’s a book we can’t recommend enough. Adam and Andy talk about the research that went into writing the book, the portrayal of astronauts in fiction, and the upcoming film adaptation!

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  9. The Alton Browncast 57: Adam Savage - ALTON BROWN

    Adam Savage and I pop a squat in his man cave and talk everything BUT food and myths. Please subscribe to the new homes of The Alton Browncast on: iTunes Stitcher Radio RSS Feed Podcast and images © Alton Brown, 2014

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  10. Adam Savage: Bust That Myth! : NPR

    As one half of the Mythbusters duo, Savage has tested over 800 myths on TV. Many were death-defying, though all of them, Savage admits, begat great stories. Hear a few of his favorites.

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