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  1. What Buddhism got right about the human brain — The Ezra Klein Show — Overcast

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  2. Fest und Flauschig - wir hassen Internet

    Fest und Flauschig, jeden Sonntag neue Folgen! Hier, kostenlos und ohne Spotify als mp3 runterladen!

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  3. Gesundheit - Wer viel putzt, stirbt früher

    Durch regelmäßiges Putzen steigt das Sterberisiko - das ist das Ergebnis einer Studie der Uni Brüssel. Nicht nur für Reinigungskräften ist das eine schlechte Nachricht - putzen im Privathaushalt ist offenbar noch gefährlicher. Wer ein paar Tipps befolgt, kann die Risiken jedoch verringern.

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  4. Michael Kitces – The 4% Rule and Financial Planning for Early Retirement | Mad Fientist

    Retirement researcher and financial planner, Michael Kitces, joins me to discuss safe withdrawal rates and how to effectively plan for early retirement!

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  5. What’s the fascination of watching other people play video games?

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  6. Alan Alda: To Talk Better, Listen

    Empathy is a crucial component in communicating about science…or anything else.

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  7. Relay FM Q&A 2017

    Relay FM co-founders Myke and Stephen answer questions from listeners as part of their third-anniversary celebrations.


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  8. Mac Power Users #390: Tagging with Terpstra - Relay FM

    Brett Terpstra (drink!) joins David and Katie this week to talk about the state of tagging on Mac and iOS. We discuss uses of tags, developing a tagging scheme, what you can do with tags, the turbulent history and hopefully bright future.

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  9. Elementarfragen | Pianoforte – Chilly Gonzales

    Chilly Gonzales is a world famous pianist, composer and as he ironically calls himself musical genius. As a studied jazz pianist he involved different styles of music in his work from the early on. He worked with artists like Jarvis Cocker, Feist, Daft Punk and Peaches which reflects his wide musical horizon. Gonzales released several albums but is probably best known for “Solo Piano 1 & 2”. In his live performances he combines entertaining and musically educating elements with his intriguing piano play. Nicolas met him in his home of choice in the german city of Cologne to talk about his life and work.

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  10. Fits + Starts, #18: Eventually it sucks less (with Merlin Mann)

    Merlin stops by to talk about finding a job that fits you, prototyping your future, and manufacturing care. Then we have a lot of rapid fire questions for him.

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