Sparks : John Robb interviews the Mael Brothers

Sparks have just released their new album ‘A Steady Drip Drip Drip’ (pre order from here one of their best albums in a glorious 50 year career. John Robb talks to the band about their muse, the new album, their working relationship, their lockdown life and so much more in a heartwarming and in depth interview PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL 1:30 about the new album 1:45 the songwriting process 3:15 how to stay relevant 7:22 the brothers relatioship? any tension!? 8:15 does Ron cram in all those brilliant words to make it hard for Russ to sing! 9:10 Ron, do you hear Russ’s voice in your head when you write the songs 10:50 Russell - how do you maintain that stunning voice 12:30 a long strange career - are you pop or underground 14:50 unique styling - music hall meets opera meets pop. 15:50 ‘we were fans of the who and the kinks…’ 17:10 The Kinks music hall influence 17:50 The Who lyrical influence 19:45 humour 21:20 Russ on singing 23:02 the art of singing and tracking up. 24:13 Russ on Ron’s lyrics 27:50 filmic songs - the cinematic side of Sparks 29.:50 contemporary music 32:00 the impact of ‘This Town…’ 34:40 Roxy Music 35:30 Ron on his image 37:15 Ron were you a psychotic Charlie Chaplin or a comedic Adolf Hilter…’ neither I was … 39:00 feel more at hom…

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