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  1. The Golden Ratio

    Episode three of Five Numbers, the BBC radio series presented by Simon Singh.

    Divide any number in the Fibonacci sequence by the one before it, for example 55/34, or 21/13, and the answer is always close to 1.61803. This is known as the Golden Ratio, and hence Fibonacci's Sequence is also called the Golden Sequence. Unlikely though it might seem, this series of numbers is the common factor linking rabbits, cauliflowers and snails.

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  2. Jason Kottke and Curating the Web

    It’s people like Jason Kottke that help us decide what is and what isn’t worth reading on the Web. He’s been publishing his suggested content at since 1998, and has been doing it professionally, full-time, since 2005. Since he’s getting pretty good at playing tastemaker for tens of thousands of Internet users, we pulled him into studio to ask him how he feels about playing digital curator.

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  3. Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy by Lawrence Lessig, Shepard Fairey and Steven Johnson

    What is the future for art and ideas in an age when practically anything can be copied, pasted, downloaded, sampled, and re-imagined?

    LIVE from the NYPL and WIRED Magazine kick off the Spring 2009 season with a spirited discussion of the emerging remix culture. Our guides through this new world—who will take us from Jefferson's Bible to André the Giant to Wikipedia—will be Lawrence Lessig, author of Remix, founder of Creative Commons, and one of the leading legal scholars on intellectual property issues in the Internet age; acclaimed street artist Shepard Fairey, whose iconic Obama "HOPE" poster was recently acquired by the National Portrait Gallery; and cultural historian Steven Johnson, whose new book, The Invention of Air, argues that remix culture has deep roots in the Enlightenment and among the American founding fathers.


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