Mark MacKinnon interviews Aung San Suu Kyi, Part 1

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  1. On the media: Why global stories matter

    News outlets are cutting back more and more on foreign coverage, even though international events obviously have profound effects domestically. Brooke talks to MIT's Ethan Zuckerman, author of Rewire: Digital Cosmopolitans in the Age of Connection about the past and future of foreign reporting, and how he would like to do away with the term "foreign news" altogether.

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  2. Foreign Secretary Liz Truss and the UK’s foreign policy priorities

    In her first major speech as the UK Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Affairs, Liz Truss outlines her areas of focus and the UK’s foreign policy priorities.

    The UK Foreign Secretary delivers a speech in person at Chatham House in which she lays out her areas of focus and outlines the UK’s primary foreign policy objectives for 2022 and beyond. Following the speech, a short Q&A session expands on her central points.

    This event forms part of Chatham House’s ongoing work on the UK’s role in the world.

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  3. FT: Germany’s shifting foreign policy

    Gideon Rachman, the Financial Times chief foreign affairs columnist, takes you with him on his travels, as he meets the decision-makers and thinkers who are shaping world affairs. The Rachman Review gives you the chance to listen in on his reflective and often probing conversations with politicians, intellectuals and analysts around the globe.

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  4. Webinar on ‘The future of British foreign policy’ with Rory Stewart

    Rory Stewart, Senior Fellow at Yale University's Jackson Institute for Global Affairs and former UK Secretary of State for International Development, joined us to discuss the future of British foreign policy, chaired by Charles Grant.

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  5. Audio from 11-29-11 Young Professionals Event - “Foreign Policy and the 2012 Elections” w/Stephen Hayes and Josh Rogin | Foreign Policy Initiative

    The United States remains the world's indispensable nation — indispensable to international peace, security, and stability, and indispensable to safe-guarding and advancing the ideals and principles we hold dear.

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  6. A Conversation with Ethan Zuckerman on the Ethics of the Internet

    The Carnegie Council is the world’s leading voice promoting ethical leadership on issues of war, peace and global social justice. Its mission is to be the voice for ethics in international policy.

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