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  1. Community Health Center Presents Conversations on Health Care

    Conversations on Health Care is a radio show about the opportunities for reform and innovation in the health care system.

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  2. Jason Fried on Pipeline

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  3. Upgrade #65: Holiday Firewall - Relay FM

    Special guest host Merlin Mann joins Jason to talk about the holidays, Apple TV, iPad Pro, and how to recommend Apple products.

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  4. Episode 215 - The Entrepreneurs 215 - Radio | Monocle

    We meet James Beshara, founder and CEO of Tilt, a crowdfunding service that’s sweeping across campuses and social circles around the world. Soheb Panja and Jeff Taylor also pop by to share the business model of their media brand ‘Courier’, a London-based quarterly publication covering stories of modern business. Plus: Geoff Mulgan from Nesta explains why most meetings are unproductive and gives his top tips for making them better.

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  5. Unjustly Maligned | “Watchmen” with Merlin Mann (Episode 15)

    Writer and podcaster Merlin Mann joins Antony to stand up (mostly) for the “Watchmen” movie, discuss the difficulty of separating source material from its adaptation… and then there’s that ending.

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  6. Podcast: Interview With Matt Moore | The Art of Manliness

    Today on the AoM podcast I talk to Matt about cooking, chivalry, boar hunting, entrepreneurship, and how to cook the perfect steak.

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  7. mise-en-place : NPR


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  8. 140: With My Guest Brett Terpstra with Merlin Mann

    Guest-Host Merlin Mann welcomes Guest-Guest Brett Terpstra to subvert the

    show’s format like never before, discuss their mutual "connected TV"

    hangups, and the progress of Brett’s "shower practice" since last they


    It’s true: you, too, can be a #MarkdownHacker/#PencilHacker/#ShovelHacker.

    Welcome back to Religion Talk!

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    more about the magic of portable OCR.

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  9. Mac Power Users #257: Workflows with Merlin Mann: Episode VI - Relay FM

    Merlin Mann returns for his annual visit to Mac Power Users. We discuss hardware and software updates and if it’s necessary to keep up the latest and greatest, Merlin’s growing use of iOS over Mac OS, and kids and technology use.

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  10. The Talk Show ✪: Ep. 118, With Guest Adam Lisagor

    The Talk Show

    ‘Sloppy on the Side’, With Guest Adam Lisagor

    Thursday, 7 May 2015

    Special guest and longtime friend Adam Lisagor returns to the show. I don’t know anyone who’s more excited about Apple Watch than Adam, except, maybe, my son. It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that Apple just released a brand-new thing, and they don’t do that very often. This episode, we just had fun. Some keen observations about the future of the platform, too.

    Download MP3.

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    Sandwich Video and their new domain name.

    The beloved Transformers watch of Adam’s youth.

    The GoBots.

    Adam’s dad on TV after returning from a humanitarian aid mission to Nepal.

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