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  1. Gweek 120: Cartoonist Peter Bagge - Boing Boing

    Peter Bagge is the Harvey Award–winning author of the acclaimed nineties alternative-comic series Hate, starring slacker hero Buddy Bradley, and a regular contributor to Reason magazine. He got his start in comics in the R. Crumb–edited magazine Weirdo. My co-host Peter Bebergal and I talked to him about his latest book, a graphic novel biography of the reproductive rights activist Margaret Sanger, called Woman Rebel.

    We also talked about: Paul Kwiatkowsi’s photobook/novel about "delinquent magic and chaotic adolescence" in "South Florida’s lush and decaying suburban landscape," And Every Day was Overcast; and the singer/songwriter of The Shaggs’ first album in 44 years, called Ready! Get! Go! And lots more!

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  2. Episode 42: Comic Chameleon | Idle Red Hands


    Comic books!

    Comic book movies!

    Comic books in games!

    PLUS: Who is the Talking Man, and why are the Idle Red Hands helpless before his barrage of words?

    All this and more inside!

    Idle Red Hands, Episode 42: Comic Chameleon [ 1:23:40 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download


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  3. 5by5 | The Incomparable #6: Go Ahead, Lisa, Destroy My Childhood

    Comic Book Club returns! This week we talk about TV adaptations of comic books, TV shows inspired by comic books, comic books that would make good TV shows, and more. Plus, random discussion of X-Men Annuals, the Micronauts, and why Reed Richards is a dou


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  4. Stuff You Should Know

    How Comic Books Work: Live from SXSW — Although you might not be a fan of comic books, there’s no denying that they have a fascinating place in American history. And — as if that wasn’t interesting enough — Josh and Chuck decided to break down the story of comic books live at SXSW.


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  5. Episode 151: Noah Van Sciver, Derf and Tommi Musturi | RiYL

    We kick things off Noah Van Sciver, one of comics’ most exciting — and prolific — young talents. Last year alone, the Denver cartoonist released three books, all of which made their way to various best-of lists: St. Cole, Fante Bukowski and My Hot Date. The artist is also well-known in indie comics circles for his on-going series Blammo and the 2012 Fantagraphics title The Hypo, following the life of a melancholic young Abraham Lincoln. Released that same year on Abrams, My Friend Dahmer details Cleveland cartoonist Derf’s experiences attending high school with future serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. The book’s followup, Trashed, debuted from the publisher last year, offering a fictionalized version of the time the artist spent working as a sanitation working as a 19-year-old. Derf is also the author of the alternative weekly comic strip, The City, which ran in 140 paper before coming to a close in 2014. Finnish cartoonist Tommi Musturi made his Fantagraphics debut last year with The Book of Hope, which follows the life of a retired couple. The artist is also known for his wordless comic Samuel, and for co-founding the publishing house Huuda Huuda, for whom he has translated a number of prominent English language artists, including Daniel Clowes and Edward Gorey.


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  6. RiYL podcast 044: Molly Crabapple - Boing Boing

    I speak with artist Molly Crabapple about her art exhibitions, murals, illustrations, and an increasing interest in social justice, which recently led Rolling Stone to call her “Occupy’s greatest artist.” It’s a fascination that has taken her around the world, to unexpected locations like the courtrooms of Guantanamo Bay.


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  7. Episode 039: Jason Louv | RiYL

    When the next generation finds itself knee-deep in an occult revival, who better to call that Jason Louv. My two-time former roommate swung by New York City a while back to teach the kids in Bushwick a thing or two about magic. Louv has written a number books on the subject, including 2005’s Generation Hex for Disinfo. His most recent volume explores his newfound fascination with the genetically modified organisms of Monsanto.

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  8. Comic Books Are Burning In Hell 1

    That’s right, we’re calling this a launch. We have a new theme song, a singular focus, and the same randy attitude. For the inaugural edition, it’s all about the latest installment of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen—Century: 2009, that is. Kick back and get situated: we have ourselves a podcast, people.

    http://www.factualopinion.com/the_factual_opinion/2012/07/comic-books-are-burning-in-hell-episode-1.html http://www.factualopinion.com/

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