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  1. Can AI help close the education gap? Sal Khan thinks so | Bill Gates

    In the second episode of my new podcast, I sat down with the founder of Khan Academy to talk about how artificial intelligence will transform education.

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  2. McKinsey: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

    John Oliver discusses the oldest and largest management consulting firm: McKinsey & Company.

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  3. Leatherman Tool Group: Tim Leatherman : NPR

    Most entrepreneurs expect it will take at least a few years for their businesses to gain traction. But Tim Leatherman waited 7 years to make a single, $175 sale. In the late 1970s, he had set up shop in his brother-in-law's garage, scavenged some metal from old appliances, and built a tool that he'd dreamed up a few years before: a foldable pair of pliers with several other tools tucked into the handles. Tim worked for years trying to market his design to knife and tool companies, but none of them were interested. Was it a tool? A gadget? A knife? Eventually he was able to convince mail-order catalogs to sell the tool; and within the space of a decade, he went from selling a single knife to a million every year. Today Tim's company is worth over a $100 million and his last name has become a household brand: the Leatherman.

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  4. A guide to forest bathing : Life Kit : NPR

    Spending an afternoon in a forest isn't just enjoyable, it's good for your health. Taking in the forest through your senses can boost your immune system, reduce blood pressure, lower stress hormones and improve your physical and emotional state in other ways. If you want to try forest bathing, here are some exercises for the next time you find yourself under some trees.

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  5. Turkey archaeology reveals ancient underground structures under Zerzevan Castle : NPR

    The multistory, below-ground structures in Diyarbakir — ID'ed by using ground-penetrating radar — may have sheltered some 10,000 people during wartime many centuries ago, archaeologists believe.

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