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  1. Capt. Jerry & the Deviated Septum Crewe Zoo

    UPDATE: See the full post for details. There’s an unsubstantiated rumor we started that the YLNT crew is experimenting with a not-quite-daily, very-short-form, not-edited-at-all podcast-style product. Just as a short-term experiment. It is

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  2. Razzledazzle | You Look Nice Today

    Unpeeling the gunt, extending the brand, and rendering a sidekick polyhedron that really scales.

    —Huffduffed by hba2012

  3. Breakin’ In | You Look Nice Today

    Breakin While under the influence of y, we reveal that Merlin once put x in an envelope. Scott hoped another guy’s x would draw attention away from his own -(x). Adam = 2x. If y = “tequila,” solve for x.

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  4. Peak Hair | You Look Nice Today

    "Oh my God: you GUYS!"; Scott sports vomit; Merlin raises a Predator; Scott has a hair theory about ladies who sing; Merlin calls for a National Day of Goatee Reconsideration; Adam moves into the nascent pubic wig vertical; The Boys crave new

    —Huffduffed by jbhead

  5. Known for His Reach | You Look Nice Today

    Merlin looks for cashews, Allan Holdsworth saves a kitten, Scott licks shiny faces, “arrested developments” in Adam’s pants, Elvis gives away trailers like they were moon pies, Scott plugs into the baptismal, and @Moltz wins

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  6. Vintage Vape | You Look Nice Today

    Whether you like baseball, chicken dinners, multilevel marketing, or The Price is Right, we offer several varietals of bespoke juices you can enjoy with your family for generations.

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  7. Jobbo | You Look Nice Today

    Jamón y jabón, computerized career counseling, nicaragua@nicaragua.nicaragua, Sandwich does the Boogie Oogie, skating to college, Checkin’ Out!, Angus Young-brand smelling salts.

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  8. Make a Given Wish | You Look Nice Today

    As part of a pilot program, The You Look Nice Today Foundation (a Delaware corporation) has recently undertaken a groundbreaking new outreach initiative to provide comfort to those in theoretical need.

    So, YES: we will sell, lend, or lease you a built-to-purpose condition along with its appropriate consolation.

    But, NO: we’re absolutely not Santa Claus. So, get real, you big fakers.

    In any case. Get well soon, and here’s that brief bedside visit from the late Sargent Shriver you never actually requested.

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  9. Snare! | You Look Nice Today

    Sign up for SNARE!, Ol’ Grandpa Mann’s Phlegmatic/Bucolic Humour Balancing Apparatus, the magical beards of junior high, receiving pleasure for money, The Nerdiest Photographs in the World.

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  10. Expressed as a Vest | You Look Nice Today

    Unhealthy ligatures, a course of Prednisone, “I’m not following you!”, obscure chess moves, smoking for the cure, misused orifices, we pass as nosies, Karl Van Hœt.

    —Huffduffed by sanklamm