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  1. Free Markets – Cory Doctorow

    This week on my podcast, I read my lastest Locus column, Free Markets, a postmortem of sorts on the delivery issues with my record-breaking audiobook Kickstarter for Attack Surface, the third Little Brother book.

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  2. China’s Great Leap Backwards - James Fallows - The Altantic - Dec 2016

    The country has become repressive in a way that it has not been since the Cultural Revolution. What does its darkening political climate—and growing belligerence—mean for the United States? Full text of article is here:

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  3. Web Friends - Destroy Today

    Internet and real-life friend, Garth Braithwaite, invited me onto his aptly named podcast, Web Friends. I shared a handful of pro tips about freelancing and we reminisced about my apps from back in the day, like DestroyFlickr and DestroyTwitter. If you’re thinking of quitting your full-time job for the freelance world, but don’t really want to follow through, don’t listen to this interview.

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