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  1. Attachment Theory & God:: Secure & Insecure Attachment | Podbean

    Krispin Mayfield (LPC) leads us on a journey through attachment theory, which is the science of emotional bonding, and how this interacts with our relationship with God. Enjoy!

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  2. China’s Great Leap Backwards - James Fallows - The Altantic - Dec 2016

    The country has become repressive in a way that it has not been since the Cultural Revolution. What does its darkening political climate—and growing belligerence—mean for the United States? Full text of article is here:

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  3. Steve Bannon at DHI

    Donald Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon spoke about his view of the world in this 2014 speech.

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  4. Are Human Rights Really Universal? - The Documentary | Pocket Casts

    The human rights movement vs resistance to human rights by powerful states

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  5. 130: Ramen UI (feat. Linda Dong) — Design Details — Overcast

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  6. Why Your Mind Needs Your Body - The RSA | Pocket Casts

    Western Culture has long separated the mind from …

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  7. The Start - Destroy Today

    Nick Rovisa and Patrick Johnson invited me to join them on their podcast, The Start. We covered my entrance into design at RISD pre-college, my first internship-turned-job at a small studio in Baltimore, and the origin of the name “Destroy Today”.

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  8. Web Friends - Destroy Today

    Internet and real-life friend, Garth Braithwaite, invited me onto his aptly named podcast, Web Friends. I shared a handful of pro tips about freelancing and we reminisced about my apps from back in the day, like DestroyFlickr and DestroyTwitter. If you’re thinking of quitting your full-time job for the freelance world, but don’t really want to follow through, don’t listen to this interview.

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  9. Pencil vs Pixel - Destroy Today

    Cesar Contreras invited me to join him on his podcast, Pencil vs Pixel. We talked about my freelancing app, Cushion—discussing topics including its origin story, my decision to run a paid beta, and trying to understand why someone ripped it off.

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  10. How Bestselling Author Austin Kleon Writes, Part One | Rainmaker.FM

    New York Times bestselling author Austin Kleon has been called “one of the most interesting people on the Internet” by The Atlantic Magazine, and he stopped by The Writer Files to chat with me about creativity and the writing life.

    The Writer Files is brought to you by the Rainmaker Platform, the complete website solution for content marketers and online entrepreneurs. Find out more and take a free 14-day test drive at

    Austin is the author of three illustrated books — Steal Like An Artist, Newspaper Blackout, and Show Your Work! — guides I recommend to all writers seeking insights for tapping into your endless reserves of creativity and innovation.

    In addition to being featured on NPR’s Morning Edition, PBS Newshour, and The Wall Street Journal, Mr. Kleon speaks about “creativity in the digital age” for organizations as varied as Pixar, Google, SXSW, TEDx, and The Economist.

    In the first part of this two-part file, Austin Kleon and I discuss:

    Why You Should Read More Than You Write

    How a Paper Dictionary Can Improve Your Writing

    The Difference Between Little Writing and Big Writing

    Why You Should Research Out in the Open

    How Your Daily Ritual Can Save You from Failure

    3 Symptoms of Writer’s Block and How to Cure Them

    Why You Should Print Your Work and Read It Aloud

    How to Harness the Power of Productive Procrastination

    Listen to The Writer Files below …How Bestselling Author Austin Kleon Writes, Part One




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    The Show Notes

    Here’s How Austin Kleon Writes

    Clive Thompson, “The Pencil and the Keyboard: How The Way You Write Changes the Way You Think”

    Elizabeth Gilbert: “Your elusive creative genius”

    Daily Rituals: How Artists Work by Mason Currey

    Austin Kleon on Instagram

    Austin Kleon on Twitter

    Kelton Reid on Twitter

    The Transcript

    Coming soon …

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