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  1. The Incomparable | Stay Inside My Aura (Episode 250)

    Draw a beard on your face with a Sharpie, prepare to learn math via touch, and we’ll take you to the second level! Our trek into films of questionable quality continues with John Boorman’s 1974 sci-fi epic “Zardoz,” starring Sean Connery in a red diaper and a floating stone head. Even the writer/director/producer can’t explain what happened, and neither can we—except maybe for Glenn.


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  2. Avengers: Age Of Ultron Spoiler Podcast - Joss Whedon And Paul Bettany by EmpireMagazine | Free Listening on SoundCloud

    Avengers: Age Of Ultron Spoiler Podcast - Joss Whedon And Paul Bettany

    by EmpireMagazine

    published on 2015/05/01 16:47:51 +0000

    The long-awaited Empire Podcast spoiler special for Marvel's Avengers: Age Of Ultron features an hour's worth of detailed discussion from the podcast team, as well as a frank, funny and very informative 30-minute interview with writer-director Joss Whedon, on top of a quicker five-minute chat with The Vision himself, Paul Bettany, who talks about… well, you'll see. Or, rather, hear.

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  3. Alpha Software | Adventures in Alpha Land - Episode 15

    Show Notes

    00:00 Dan: Intro to episode 15.

    00:33 Dan: You've been wearing the Apple Watch for over two weeks, while the rest of us have been waiting to get one.

    01:03 Dan: Back in the early Eighties I tried explaining to people what was special about a personal computer. It had very high bandwidth to the screen, which made VisiCalc possible.

    02:21 Dan: Whenever you have a new device, what makes that special?

    03:18 Dan: What do tablets give you?

    04:05 Dan: With a tablet you can take pictures, unlike paper on a clipboard, and you can draw on those pictures.

    05:22 Dan: At Alpha Software we've been aiming at the tablet.

    05:55 Dan: What's special about the Apple Watch? It's not just being able to tell the time.

    07:20 Ben: This platform is designed for interactions that are measured in seconds. PCs, the phone, and the tablet are designed for interactions that last much longer.

    08:50 Dan: How does the watch compare to pulling out your phone?

    09:17 Ben: The point is that it's glanceable.

    09:46 Ben: In a business context the watch makes a lot of sense for those people who are extremely mobile. They aren't sitting there looking at a screen.

    10:27 Ben: It frees up their hands to do other things. The software has to deliver information quickly.

    11:03 Dan: The use cases will be where a glance is helpful, and not moving your hands.

    11:52 Dan: What about the taptic? There are different taps it does on your wrist to connote information.

    12:07 Ben: Taptics give specific vibration patterns to different types of notifications.

    15:22 Ben: A good example is meeting etiquette. You don't have to look at your wrist while talking to someone, because you can feel the type of notification.

    15:42 Dan: This opens up a new form of communication with a worker whose eyes are occupied. Anything else?

    16:17 Ben: For a developer it is an additional interaction model. A mistake would be to duplicate the experience on an iPhone.

    17:40 Dan: The key is doing the filtering of notifications right.

    18:08 Ben: Exactly. If I could check system status with a single glance, that would be a useful feature.

    18:42 Dan: Glance is so important, because people just want to know one piece of their data now.

    19:12 Dan: Knowing your heartbeat, notification might slow down or speed up.

    19:53 Ben: Those bits are unexplored territory.

    20:13 Ben: Think about glances as an interaction paradigm.

    20:44 Ben: Notifications have to be curated. Then every time you're notified, it's meaningful.

    22:01 Dan: A corporation can control the notifications you receive.

    22:22 Dan: I was communicating with someone who said in construction you'd never wear a watch, because you can catch it on something. There may have to be special watch bands or gloves for this.

    23:12 Dan: The fact that it has a motion detector means that it knows where your hand is. It also has a microphone to know about ambient sound.

    24:00 Ben: I think we are seeing the early stages of true assistant based platforms.

    24:22 Ben: A deeper level is when the device starts to anticipate things, like calling Uber when I'm running late.

    25:12 Dan: Let's switch to talking about actual specific applications and their importance to the success of a platform. Let's look at the original Palm Pilot in the late 1990's, the first mass-market handheld general purpose computer.

    25:59 Dan: Plays 2-minute excerpt from his 2005 interview of Palm CEO Donna Dubinsky where she explains how the success of the Palm stemmed in part from the fact that people bought the Palm instead of some cheaper limited device (that could only do a few popular applications) because the buyer had at least one other niche application that made the increment in cost worth it. It only took one such "must have" application.

    28:20 Dan: For business use what apps will sell watches?

    28:54 Ben: I don't think it is one thing that drives this, I think it's the many.

    29:15 Dan: It's one thing for each person, but it only takes one to push you over.

    29:34 Ben: I think the driver for Palm was the Personal Information Manager.

    30:04 Ben: when you layer fashion, notifications, and health, together you get a value proposition.

    30:36 Dan: What will get companies to buy them for their employees?

    31:06 Ben: Field workers who are super mobile may drive use cases.

    31:29 Ben: The other one is security. Using the watch for mobile identity to get into high security areas.

    32:20 Ben: When you look at Android smart watches, scheduling meetings has been an important use.

    33:26 Dan: Summing up, the watch gives us glances, notifications, and data display and control.

    34:36 Ben: The first apps are like the first waffle off the grill. It will take time, experience and reimagining apps. It's a huge paradigm shift.

    35:45 Dan: We have to learn how to create short interactions.

    36:57 Dan: Every company will have to experiment, if it can be done inexpensively.

    37:15 Ben: This is similar to the early days of the iPad. This device is different from anything we've seen before.

    38:35 Dan: This is an area where rapid application development is important.

    39:20 Dan: Thank you. Our listeners can follow you at Techpinions.com.


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  4. Disney Parks Podcast | Disney Parks Podcast

    We have a GREAT show for you this week as Tony and Krista interview Disney Wonder Ground artist Jerrod Maruyama and so much more


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  5. The Dan Benjamin Hour | Covering The Future

    Dan talks with Nilay Patel of The Verge about the new Steve Jobs book and its mediocre quality, the Apple Watch, podcasting, and where The Verge is going. He is also joined by Mike Swanson who came out with an Apple Editors’ Choice app called Layout before Instagram came out with their app by the same name.

    Guests: Nilay Patel (@reckless) and Mike Swanson (@anyware)

    Sponsored by Lynda.com (Visit the link for a 10 day free trial) and FiveFour Club (Use the code DAN20OFF for $20 off your first box).


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    nilay patel (@reckless) | Twitter

    Mike Swanson (@Anyware) | Twitter

    Mike Swanson’s Blog

    Amazon: Becoming Steve Jobs

    Listen to our bite-sized podcast that explains tech in layman’s terms | The Verge

    iTunes: What’s Tech

    BBC not renewing ‘Top Gear’ presenter Jeremy Clarkson’s contract


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