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  1. The School Leadership Show

    This is the School Leadership Show.

    Learn everything you need to know to thrive in school administration.

    The School leadership show is where ordinary school administrators become extraordinary leaders.

    The only podcast dedicated to helping practicing and aspiring school leaders realize their potential, advance their careers, and achieve work-life balance, The School Leadership Show brings together the greatest minds from inside and outside of education to deliver you the insights and tools you need to succeed in school leadership.


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  2. Podcast #21 - Pete Docter and Directing INSIDE OUT

    The Bancroft Brothers wrangled another coup by getting the chance to interview Pixar director Pete Docter about his newest film, “Inside Out”. In this interview you’ll hear all about the ups and downs of making a Pixar animated film by the guy that brought you Monster’s Inc. and UP!

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  3. Neil Gaiman - How Stories Last

    Neil's talk will explore the way stories, myths and tales survive over great lengths of time and why creating for the future means making works that will endure within the oral tradition.

    Preternaturally eloquent, Neil Gaiman has told stories in every medium—graphic novels (The Sandman), novels (The Ocean at the End of the Lane; American Gods), short stories (Trigger Warning), children’s books (The Graveyard Book), television (Dr Who), the occasional song ("I Google You", with Amanda Palmer), and the occasional speech that goes viral ("Make Good Art").

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