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  1. Chris Morris and Paul Garner - “Taxi-Bothering”

    Chris Morris talks Paul Garner into dressing up like a nerd, and bothering a taxi.


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  2. Episode 022: You Are An Asset – Greater Than Code file | Play in new window | Duration: 56:01 | Size: 51.28M | Recorded on 2017-03-04Panelists:

    Jessica Kerr | Coraline Ada Ehmke | Sam Livingston-Gray

    Guest Panelists:

    Ryder Timberlake: @rydertimberlake andJacob Stoebel: @jstoebel |

    Show Notes:

    00:16 – Welcome to “Mob Programming” …we mean, “Greater Than Code!”

    Support us via Patreon!Get instant access to our Slack Channel!Thank you to our newest $50-per-month-level patron, Bryan Karlovitz!

    02:39 – Origin Stories From All!

    Tim Ferriss and The 4-Hour Workweek

    12:37 – Work/Life Balance and Ideal Work Environments

    Stockholm Syndrome

    If you’re looking for a hilarious podcast that focuses on issues that software developers face, such as getting fired, pay raises, strategies for pushing back on bad ideas, and even stock options, check out Soft Skills Engineering!

    Episode 10: Mentors and Stock Options

    16:50 – Technical Interviews

    20:41 – Computer Science Degrees: Are they worth it?

    27:42 – Compulsions to Know: Contempt Culture

    Aurynn Shaw: Contempt Culture

    The Zens of Python and Ruby

    34:12 –  Gatekeeping in Tech

    37:11 – Technical Interviews (Cont’d)

    Pair Programming

    Please leave us a review on iTunes!

    This episode was brought to you by the panelists and Patrons of >Code. To pledge your support and to join our awesome Slack community, visit Managed and produced by @therubyrep of DevReps, LLC.

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  3. Steve Jobs’s first reaction to the Genius Bar: ‘That’s so idiotic! It’ll never work!’ - Recode

    The longtime Apple CEO had to be convinced that tech support could connect with customers.

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  4. SE-Radio Episode 280: Gerald Weinberg on Bugs Errors and Software Quality : Software Engineering Radio

    SE-Radio Episode 280: Gerald Weinberg on Bugs Errors and Software Quality

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    by SE-Radio

    on January 24, 2017


    Marcus Blankenship talks with Gerald Weinberg about software errors, the fallacy of perfection, how languages and process can reduce errors, and the attitude great programmers have about their work.  Gerald’s new book, Errors: Bugs, Boo-boos, and Blunders, focuses on why programmers make errors, how teams can improve their software, and how management should think of and discuss errors.  We learn why all programs are perfect (for something), quality can be judged only by the end user of the software, and computers act as “error amplifiers” for our own human imperfections.

    Venue: Skype

    Related Links

    Meaningful categorization of novice programmer errors

    Are these bugs really “Normal”?

    Jerry’s book: Errors: Bugs, Boo-boos, and Blunders

    Jerry Weinberg’s homepage

    Jon Jagger’s discussion of Jerry’s books

    Markus Gardner’s discussion of Jerry’s books and ideas Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

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  5. Stewart Butterfield on creating Slack, learning from games, and finding your online identity

    If you came by the Vox office, you would find it oddly quiet. That’s not because we don’t like each other, or because we’re not social, or because we don’t have anything to say. It’s because almost all our communication happens silently, digitally, in Slack.

    Slack is Stewart Butterfield’s creation, and it’s the fastest-growing piece on enterprise software in history. But here’s the kicker: he didn’t mean to create it, just like he didn’t mean to create Flickr before it. In both cases, Butterfield was trying to create a new kind of game: immersive, endless, and focused on experiences rather than victories.

    The story of Butterfield’s pivots from the game to Flickr and Slack have become Silicon Valley lore. But in this conversation, we go deep into the part that’s always fascinated me: the game Butterfield wanted to create, the reasons he thinks gaming is so important, and the ways in which his philosophy background informs his current work. We also talk a lot about the nature of status, identity, and communication in online spaces, as Butterfield’s company is now revolutionizing all three.

    This is a deep, interesting, and unusual conversation — we went places I didn’t expect, and I left thinking about topics I’d neve…

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  6. Family and Job Can Keep us from the Big Picture - Center for Action and Contemplation

    Family and Job Can Keep us from the Big Picture

    January 21, 20171 Corinthians 1:10-13Matthew 4:12-23

    Length: 9:28

    Size: 22 MB “Family and Job Can Keep us from the Big Picture” MP3.

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  7. #150 Dark Patterns with Harry Brignull - UX Podcast

    Harry Brignull joins us to talk about “dark patterns”. Harry coined the phrase back in 2010 to describe the design patterns used on websites to deliberately trick us into doing something. We discuss some examples as well as the ethics behind implementing them and ask if “light patterns” exist. We talk about how dark patterns go beyond the web and into service design. Should we avoid using dark patterns in our designs? Well, we think yes – so in that case, how?

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  8. Tony Robbins – On Achievement Versus Fulfillment

    crop of his appearance on the Tim Ferriss podcast:

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  9. 222 - A. J. Leon (Misfit) — Christopher Ryan

    A.J. walked away from a corner office on Wall Street because he realized that his life was inauthentic. Since then, he’s been on a roll. He founded Misfit—one of the most enigmatic, admirable hunter-gatherer enterprises around. His life is full of travel, love, passion, and positive energy. Plus, he’s brilliant, good-looking, quotes Shakespeare from memory, and dances like a Cuban. Fuck that guy. Download.Music: "Distinto," by Orishas; "Lekela Muadi," by Tshala Muana.

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  10. S1E01: Killing the Dinosaur Business Model (Part 1) with Basecamp’s Jason Fried & DHH

    Lead the future.

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