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  1. In the Dark S2 E1: July 16, 1996

    2018 / Madeleine Baran / Samara Freemark / Natalie Jablonski / Rehman Tungekar / Parker Yesko / Will Craft / Catherine Winter / APM Reports, USA

    In the Dark is the story of a white prosecutor in a small Mississippi town who has tried a Black man six times for the same crime, a quadruple homicide. Curtis Flowers has maintained his innocence through 23 years of incarceration. In the Dark’s team of reporters and producers spent more than a year investigating the case. Their reporting uncovered prosecutorial misconduct, false confessions, an alternate suspect, and a pattern of racial bias in the prosecutor’s jury selection. In the Dark’s findings were cited in briefs filed with the US Supreme Court as part of Flowers’ appeal. In the summer of 2019, the Court overturned Flowers’ conviction.

    You can hear Episode 1: "July 16, 1996" here on the Third Coast website. Click here to listen to the rest of the series.

    In The Dark: Season Two was produced by lead reporter and host Madeleine Baran, senior producer Samara Freemark, producers Natalie Jablonski and Rehman Tungekar, reporters Parker Yesko and Will Craft, and edited by Catherine Winter for APM Reports.

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  2. This Is Not A Drill

    2019 / Jazmín Aguilera / Anna Sussman / John Fecile / Erika Lantz / Eliza Smith / Nancy López / Snap Judgment, USA 4lxff snapthisisnotadrill. On January 13th, 2018 at exactly 8:07am, a text message was sent out. It read “Ballistic missile threat inbound to Hawaii. Seek immediate shelter. This is not a drill.” In the following 38 minutes, residents and visitors of Hawaii were flung into a state of emergency. From panic and fear to acceptance and joy, Snap Judgment explores the emotional impact of people confronting death and nuclear disaster.

    This Is Not A Drill was produced by Jazmín Aguilera and edited by Anna Sussman for Snap Judgment from WNYC, with co-producers John Fecile, Erika Lantz, Nancy López, and Eliza Smith; sound designer Pat Mesiti-Miller; editor Mark Ristich; executive producer Glynn Washington.

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  3. ROW-cub

    2019 / Neena Pathak / Independent, USA 36hma img 4505. Aaji (Grandma) is in her 90s, proficient in English but more comfortable in Marathi, and hard-of-hearing. Mithu is in her 30s, okay at Marathi (but speaks in a stilted, error-filled, and somewhat childlike way common to many second-generation immigrants), and heartbroken. After Aaji innocently asks if her granddaughter, Mithu, is bringing her "friend" home for the holidays, Mithu struggles - because of the language barrier, her grandmother’s difficulty hearing, and the challenge of being on the phone - to translate her heartache. The piece explores how bearing witness to each other in a family context can be hard and fraught, even when it might be worth it.

    Click here to listen to this story with subtitles by Radio Atlas.

    ROW-cub was produced by Neena Pathak, with actors & translation consultants Nalinee Mehendale (Aaji) and Uma Pathak (Sangeeta-maushi), and engineering by Jake Gorski.

    Special thanks to: Stella Tan, Donkey Dover, Nichole Perkins, Bim Adewunmi, Krutika Mallikarjuna, Eleanor Kagan, Mitra Kaboli, Justin Zullo, Megan Detrie, Schuyler Swenson, Michael Simon Johnson, and Priya Mehendale

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  4. The Return

    2018 / Sayre Quevedo / NPR’s Latino USA, USA

    Javier Zamora is an award-winning Salvadoran poet based in California. He published his book Unaccompanied in 2017 about his journey (with a coyote) at the age of nine to reunite with his parents in the US. In June 2018, Javier had no choice but to return to El Salvador for the first time in almost 20 years, since leaving as a child. Javier’s TPS, or Temporary Protected Status, that allowed him to live and work in the US was suddenly under threat of being revoked by the Trump administration. And so he returned in an attempt to apply for a new visa, without a guarantee that he would be able to come back to his life in the US.

    The Return was produced by Sayre Quevedo, with editors Marlon Bishop and Sophia Paliza-Carre for NPR’s Latino USA .

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  5. Punks

    2018 / Kathy Tu / Tobin Low / Matt Collette / Nancy, USA 3wy4 punksimage. Once upon a time, Kai Wright saw a movie called Punks. A romantic comedy about black gay men, it was like nothing he’d ever seen before. But then it disappeared.

    Punks was produced by Kathy Tu, co-produced by Tobin Low and Matt Collette, sound designed by Jeremy Bloom, edited by Jenny Lawton, and executive produced by Paula Szuchman for Nancy from WNYC Studios.

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  6. Price of Secrecy: Hazineh Razdari

    2019 / Zoha Zokaei / Telegram Messenger, Iran/UK

    Price of Secrecy is a hybrid podcast series addressing familial, cultural, social, and legal constraints that contribute to the silence around the issue of child sexual abuse in Iran. It is produced through close collaboration with lawyers, psychologists, psychotherapist and social activists that deal with this issue professionally in Iran. With their help, personal stories of adult survivors of child sexual abuse have been collected and presented in hybrid forms that blur the line between fact and fiction. The sensitivity of the topic often causes resistance in the audience to engage with such taboo subjects. Using the hybrid form has enabled a safe distance through dramatization and fictionalization, whilst allowing a contextualization of these stories within the wider socio-cultural landscape.

    Listen to the full story with subtitles here: Part 1 / Part 2 .

    Price of Secrecy: Hazineh Razdari was produced by Zoha Zokaei and edited by Rob Szeliga. The project was supported by Consortium for the Humanities and the Arts South-East England (CHASE)

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  7. No Feeling Is Final

    2019 / Honor Eastly / Joel Werner / Alice Moldovan / Graham Panther / Russell Stapleton / Kellie Riordan / ABC Audio Studios, Australia

    Usually when we talk about suicide we say those four magic words: "Just ask for help." But Honor Eastly knows it’s not that simple. She’s been there and back, and now has years of phone recordings and diary entries, from the inside. These recordings form the basis of this podcast, No Feeling Is Final , a show for anyone who’s ever wondered if life is worth living. And for anyone trying to better understand their friend, partner, or kid, who’s wrestled with these feelings themselves. At times heartbreaking and desperate but also darkly funny and charming, No Feeling Is Final is a story of difference, identity, and why we should stay alive.

    No Feeling Is Final was written by Honor Eastly, with executive producer Joel Werner, producer Alice Moldovan, writer Graham Panther, and sound engineer Russell Stapleton. Created at ABC Audio Studios under the guidance of Managing Editor, Kellie Riordan.

    You can listen to the start of No Feeling Is Final here on the Third Coast website. Click here to listen to the rest of the series..

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  8. Mardi Gras is a State of Mind

    2019 / Mara Lazer / Radio (R)ejects, USA

    This story is about the ritual drug-induced shape shifting of Mardi Gras, and an attempt to shift via testosterone with a friend. What does it mean to be a lesbian separatist who might also be a man?

    Mardi Gras is a State of Mind was produced by Mara Lazer, with editors and catalysts Ari Mejia, NK, and Phoebe Unter.

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  9. Death in Illinois Prisons: He Didn’t Have a Death Sentence, But That’s What He Got

    2018 / Shannon Heffernan / WBEZ, USA

    She found that the state wasn’t keeping basic records. This meant that not only the public, but sometimes also the families of prisoners couldn’t learn even the simplest details about how their loved one died. This story focuses on two deaths in a single family, showing the emotional strain families feel when they can’t learn about their loved one’s death and the extreme medical negligence and violation of basic rights happening in the prison medical system.

    Death In Illinois Prisons: He Didn’t Have a Death Sentence, But That’s What He Got was produced by Shannon Heffernan and edited by Rob Wildeboer for WBEZ.

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  10. A Sense of Quietness BBC 4

    2018 / Eleanor McDowall / Lights Out, UK

    A Sense of Quietness follows a line of connection through four women across two referendums to explore the unexpected consequences of talking about abortion. Starting on live television at a beauty pageant, we hear from a journalist, a radio producer, the founder of a women’s clinic and an anonymous woman traveling from Ireland to the UK — and discover the quiet power and hidden dangers of speech itself. Featuring the voices of Brianna Parkins, Siobhan McHugh, and Anne Connolly.

    A Sense of Quietness was produced by Eleanor McDowall for Lights Out, a Falling Tree production for BBC Radio 4.

    —Huffduffed by ryankailath

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