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  1. Henny Rollins - Record Collector

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  2. High Fidelity with Henry Rollins; Ma Yansong Comes to L.A.

    Millions listen to music as mp3s through little earbuds. Not Henry Rollins. He takes DnA on a wild sonic tour of his high fidelity sound systems. Can nature and huge buildings merge into a harmonious whole? Chinese architect Ma Yansong explains how they can.


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  3. Back to Work #254: Fixed Points in Time

    TOPIC: Budgeting the Primary Secondary Project


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  4. Back to Work #48: An Abrupt Existential Jerk

    TOPIC: How habits get made. 


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  5. Back to Work #47: Utter Failure & Hotel Steak

    TOPIC: Resolving to skip the New Year’s resolutions.


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  6. John and Helen Meyer Talk Audio on Grateful Dead Radio Show

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  7. Andrea Fella: Anxiety Worry and Fear

    Dharma talk given by Andrea Fella at the Insight Meditation Center in Redwood City, CA. Recorded on 2011-08-18


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  8. Mac Power Users #257: Workflows with Merlin Mann: Episode VI - Relay FM

    Merlin Mann returns for his annual visit to Mac Power Users. We discuss hardware and software updates and if it’s necessary to keep up the latest and greatest, Merlin’s growing use of iOS over Mac OS, and kids and technology use.


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  9. Mac Power Users #201: Mac at Home, PC at Work - Relay FM

    David and Katie are joined by Gabe Weatherhead discuss the struggles with using a Mac as your primary platform at home while being forced to use a PC at work and suggestions for how to stay productive when sliding between platforms.


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  10. 5by5 | Pipeline Classic #10: Jeffrey Veen

    Dan Benjamin interviews Jeffrey Veen, of Typekit, Google, HotWired, and more.


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