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  1. Giant Size 1: The New SNIKT

    Merlin Mann joins Moisés and John to discuss the X-Men, from reading recommendations and iconic storylines to why they really are so “Gifted” as a team.Interview Segment: Herb Trimpe talks about the creation of Wolverine (uncut version to be posted as Artist Edition #38)Reading List for storylines and collections mentioned in this episode.The pre-roll Stan Lee narration is from the pretty awful 1989 pilot X-Men: Pryde of the X-Men.Everybody Loves Nightcrawler and Kitty Pryde, but not so much Jubilee (except for Moisés).Notable X-Men writers mentioned: Brian Michael Bendis, Jason Aaron, Chris Claremont.Sponsored by:Squarespace: everything you need to get started making a website. Use the offer code mentioned in the show for 10% offSmile: get PDFPen Scan in the App Store for $4.99Drobo: smart storage to protect what matters. Use offer code MOISES for $50 off any Drobo model at Drobostore.com



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  2. CMD SPACE 001 - I’m Yelling At Me, With Merlin Mann

    On the first episode of CMD SPACE, we are joined by Merlin Mann. We discuss Merlin's career online and focus on his work in Podcasting. We also take a detour in to discussing comics—especially the X-Men.

    This week, unfortuantely Terry could not join Myke to host, so Stephen Hackett jumped in.

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